How to Find Diamonds on Minecraft Bedrock 1.18: Minecraft Diamond Level

diamond ores
Diamond ore (Image credits: u/TM-uwu on Reddit)

Diamonds are the most iconic item in Minecraft. Even beginners are also well aware of diamond’s value and various uses like crafting diamond gears, enchanting tables, jukeboxes, and more.

Mining is the best way to get diamonds in Minecraft. The recently released Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update changed the ore distribution in the Overworld. Because of this, height level 11 is no longer the best height for finding diamonds.

If you have trouble finding diamonds in the latest update, you are probably looking at the wrong place. This article informs you of some helpful mining tips and the best Y level for finding diamond ores in Minecraft Bedrock.

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What is the best height level for diamonds in Minecraft Bedrock?

In Minecraft Bedrock 1.18, diamond ores start generating at Y 14 and continue till Y -63. Diamond ores become more common as the height level lowers. Moreover, diamond ores are rarely exposed to air at extreme depths.

Strip mining is still a fantastic way to find diamonds. You will find a lot of diamonds by mining around height level -50 in Minecraft 1.18. Going too low will increase your chances to run into lava lakes,

diamond ore
Deepslate diamond ore

New cave systems are one of the main features of the Minecraft 1.18 update. You can still find diamond ores by exploring caves. But due to less air exposure, most diamond ores are hidden behind blocks.

Before mining diamond ores, make sure you use an iron pickaxe or better. Players are also advised to carry extra pickaxes, shovels, and water buckets, to take care of any unexpected gravel or lava.

Tip: Use Fortune III enchantment to get the most out of diamond ores. At level III, this enchantment has a high chance to multiple diamonds by 2-4 times. With a Fortune III pickaxe, You can get up to 4 diamonds from one single diamond ore.

Other than mining, you can also find many diamonds inside treasure chests found in many structures like bastions, fortresses, end cities, buried treasures, chests, and so on. Minecraft players can also get diamond armor, tools, and weapons by trading with Master level armorers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths.

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How to Find Diamonds on Minecraft Bedrock 1.18: Minecraft Diamond Level


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