Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has rolled out with all kinds of surprises. The battle pass is exciting, and the Sideways are enticing. The Sideways is an alternate universe loaded with monsters.

Before you step into the Sideways and start an encounter, make sure that you are sufficiently geared up. Once you step in, you will be swarmed by waves and waves of Cube Monsters.

Entering the Sideways in Fortnite

Sideways in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

There are two ways to access the Sideways—the Sideways Zones and Sideways Anomalies. The Sideways Zone is a big orange bubble that shows up in every match. Meanwhile, Anomalies are smaller and appear randomly.

Sideways Zones

Sideways zone (Image via Epic Games)

The easiest way to enter the Sideways is through the giant orange bubble. At the start of a match, one of the spots on the map will be captured by Sideways. The POI will be marked by an orange bubble.

To enter the Sideways, you have to walk through the bubble. Once inside, you will be greeted by dark skies, lightning, and Cube Monsters. You can loot items, fight some monsters, and get out.

Sideways Anomalies

Alternatively, you can make your way to the Fortnite Sideways through Sideway Anomalies. The anomalies look like a small purple portal. Unlike Sideways Zones, anomalies do not appear in every match.

Being smaller in size, the anomalies have limited loot and smaller zones. They appear randomly, so you won’t face much competition.

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Fortnite Season 8: How to Enter the Sideways


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