How to Enable Double Movement in Fortnite – Tips and Cheats

How to Enable Double Movement in Fortnite - Tips and Cheats

Fortnite is an interesting free-to-play multiplayer game published by Epic Games. It has quite a long history and actually wasn’t very popular at the beginning. However, when the developers decided to add the new Battle Royal mode, the game became one of the most popular titles in this genre. Given the fact that it is a competitive multiplayer shooter, you should learn and use any legitimate tricks that may give you an advantage over your opponents. If you play on PC, you can try to use double movement. This guide will tell you how to enable double movement in Fortnite.

How to Enable Double Movement in Fortnite

Double movement in Fortnite is a special trick that allows you to strafe in a certain direction while being able to look around. It allows you to build some structure on your left or right side without turning your character in the same direction. This trick is crucial if you want to play this game on a high level, and it also helps you to move smoother.

In order to enable double movement in Fortnite, you can use a certain program that allows you to reconfigure your keybinds. You can use programs like The Wooting Software or Keys2xInput. These programs allow you to perform the double movement in Fortnite. However, there may be some players who worry about the legitimacy of such software.

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Is Double Movement Allowed in Fortnite?

There was a decent hype around double movement in Fortnite and different restrictions related to it. However, according to the official statement of the developers, it seems that software for double movement is legal. You can use it if it allows you to reconfigure your keybinds. The only illegal thing is to bind multiple actions to one button.

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How to Enable Double Movement in Fortnite – Tips and Cheats


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