What is Double Movement in Fortnite? – Answered


Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games nowadays. It allows you to participate in online matches with free-for-all battles, and the game appears to be one of the best Battle Royals in the entire industry. Due to the fact that it is a multiplayer shooter, there are lots of interesting hints and tricks that allow you to get an advantage over your opponents. Double movement is one such trick, and this guide will tell you how to use it in Fortnite.

Double Movement in Fortnite

Double movement in Fortnite is a special trick that you should learn and master, as it allows you to get an advantage over your opponents. Those who have played multiplayer shooters before Fortnite should be familiar with such things. Certain tricks in other games may have been based on some bug or mechanic in the game’s engine—for example, you could see different things like Rocket Jump in games based on Quake engine or Id Tech 3.

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Double movement in Fortnite is a trick that allows your character to look around while you strafe in a certain direction. This feature is available only for PC players because you don’t need to use anything like that on consoles. When you try to look around on PC, you may see that your character turns in the direction you are aiming at. Double movement allows you to turn your camera without changing the direction of your movement. It also allows you to move smoother, granting you an advantage over those who don’t use double movement. If you always change the direction of your movement while you try to look around, it makes your character sloppy and allows your opponents to kill you.

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What is Double Movement in Fortnite? – Answered


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