How to do Fortnite Infinite Hammer Glitch


One of the most significant changes made in the update Chapter 4 Season 1 is a ton of new weapons and items added to the game. Surprisingly, major weapons and item changes created a new glitch in Fortnite. Read this guide, and you will find out how to do Fortnite Infinite Hammer Glitch.

What is Infinite Hammer Glitch

Before finding out how to use Infinite Hammer glitch, it would be best to discover what this glitch is. This glitch allows you to avoid the restriction on using The Shockwave Hammer and launch yourself using this weapon as many times as you want. Even though it might sound fun, many people report wanting to get Hammer Glitch fixed.

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How to Do Infinite Hammer Glitch

Once you know what Hammer Glitch is, it is time to discover how you can do this glitch. The main trick in using Infinite Hammer Glitch is to activate the Shockwave Hammer jump ability in the ocean or any type of water. After the first jump, you can easily land on the ground or any other surface and continue using Shockwave Hammer. Surprisingly, you will avoid the restriction and be able to use it unlimitedly. 

Is It Risky to Use Infinite Hammer Glitch?

Finally, it is time to discover whether it is safe or not to use Infinite Hammer Glitch in Fortnite. As this glitch is extremely widespread and it is impossible to find a player who has not used it, the maximum penalty you can get by using this glitch is getting one to three days of ban. Moreover, you should consider that Infinite Hammer Glitch is likely to be fixed in a few days after this article is published.

That’s it with Infinite Hammer Glitch. Hurry up to make fun of using it until developers fix this bug. And do not worry, there is a slight chance of getting banned using this glitch. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to travel distance using Kinetic Ore in Fortnite.

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How to do Fortnite Infinite Hammer Glitch


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