How to Make or Join a Fortnite Clan

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Fortnite is popular with solo gamers and players who prefer a squad, with so many game modes to choose from. Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad Battle Royale are always popular, as are the various games in Creative Mode. Plus there is always Team Rumble to enjoy! All of these are best enjoyed with friends, and you could always create or join a clan. Find out below how to make or join a Fortnite Clan.

Creating or Joining Fortnite Clans

A Fortnite clan is different from a squad. Anyone can join a squad and enter a match to team up against others, but a clan is actually a group of gamers who play together regularly with a clan name, logo or tag that separates them from a regular squad.

Clans usually have specific game modes they prefer playing, and play regularly in that mode. They would have a leader who is in charge of allowing any new members join, and what games are to be played. Each clan usually has around 3 to 10 players as members. Most clans have social spaces where they can chat, plan games, and share memes.

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Fortnite duos gameplay (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Most people join a clan to be part of a competitive squad who play regularly, and to feel part of a community. If you are looking to join a clan, make sure you figure out what kind of player you are and what kind of games you want to play.

  • Are you competitive or do you want more relaxed chill games?
  • Do you play enough to make it worth making a commitment to a clan?
  • How size clan do you want to join?
  • Do you prefer adults only or more family-friendly players?

Once you know what sort of clan you want to join you can head over to places like Reddit. The subReddit r/FortniteClan is a good place to see what people have to offer, or via FortniteClans. You can always find a squad via TEAMS.

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Take your time choosing a clan so you find one that is the right fit for you! Alternatively you can create a clan fo your own. You will need to choose a good name, create an eye-catching logo, and put together a playlist of your best Fortnite moments to attract new players. Make sure you decide on what sort of community you want to attract, and you will soon have a fun community to vibe with. Post your interest via the subReddit r/FortniteClan!

So that is all you need to know about joining or starting a clan for Fortnite! Next up, find out how to add social tags to your Fortnite profile. Good luck.

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How to Make or Join a Fortnite Clan


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