How to Travel Distance Using Kinetic Ore in Fortnite


Some of the fun features introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, include the kinetic ore slabs. These purple glowing rocks can be used as projectile weapons when hit and directed toward another player. They can also be used to move around if a player sits on top while it is flung across a space. Check out our guide below to find out how to travel distance using Kinetic Ore in Fortnite.

Using Kinetic Ore in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

One of the weekly challenges, in 5 stages of increasing distance, asks players to travel some distance using the Kinetic Ore. Kinetic Ore is found at Shattered Slabs:

Shattered Slabs in Fortnite (via Epic Games)

This challenge can be done by sitting or standing on the Kinetic Ore, hitting it multiple times with a harvesting tool (or pickaxe) and being shot across the map at some speed. The trick to completing this challenge easily is to use the ore in a specific way. Some players may feel it is necessary to hit the Kinetic Ore until it powers up at max power and turns a glowing purple, but this is not the case. If it is powered up too much it can fling the player off, and not actually count as travelling any distance.

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We found it is best to only power up the Kinetic Ore a small amount, using only about 3 hits of the harvesting tool. This way you have more control over how far the ore is going and how fast it is travelling. Lots of small bursts is better than trying to fling yourself so far you end up falling off and losing the ore.

Fortnite Kinetic Ore challenge (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Crouch on top of the Kinetic Ore
  • Hit the ore a maximum of 4 times, and mind the direction the ore will travel
  • Stay on the ore and keep travelling as much as you can as the weekly challenge requires 5 stages of increasing distance so it is worth attempting to go as far as possible in one match

Once you have travelled as far as you like, and maybe completed a few stages of the challenge if that is what you require, you can also use the ore as a projectile weapon or structure destroyer. Get off the ore, and hit it until it glows purple and hums with power, then watch as it shoots off and destroys any structures or enemies nearby!

That is all we have for you on this cool new feature in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Next up, why not check out all the available milestones to complete this season. Good luck!

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How to Travel Distance Using Kinetic Ore in Fortnite


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