Monster Hunter Rise

The second Monster Hunter Rise playable demo is now live. This demo includes all the content featured in the first one released back in January, as well as a new advanced quest that will pit players against Magmalo, a very powerful Monster that will put your Monster Hunter skills to the test. Completing this advanced quest is definitely not easy, but it is doable if the player takes advantage of the new mechanics that power Monster Hunter Rise.

Here are some useful tips on how to beat Magmalo.

How To Beat Magmalo In Monster Hunter Rise

Magmalo’s power is not the only reason why completing the new advanced quest is so difficult. The quest has a 15 minutes time limit, and the layout of the area makes it difficult to reach Magmalo quickly.

Not that you should rush through the area, though, as there are quite a few things to do before reaching the monster that will help you during the fight. For starters, make sure to check out every place you can see for some Endemic Life. Some of them will grant you stats boosts, while others will provide some useful items that can be used during the fight. Also, make sure to get the additional Wirebug, as you will need to use the new abilities quite often to win.

Additionally, there are a Rathian and a Mizutsune in the area. While fighting them is completely optional, you should still take one of them on so that you can ride them using the Wyvern Riding mechanics. Riding a monster into battle will grant you some sound advantages that should make fighting Magmalo considerably easier.

Even if you are riding any monster, however, you should not take Magmalo lightly. Its Hellfire attack is extremely powerful as it deals a lot of damage in a single shot as well as inflicting blight.

The best thing about this attack is that you can use it yourself against the monster: dispel blight with a Wirebug dash, and a fireball will be left behind which can damage the monster and potentially knock it down. Attacking parts shrouded in flames will also deal tons of damage to the monster, giving you the chance to knock it down and go all-out with your attacks. Make use of Wirebug attacks whenever you find an opening, and you should be able to take down this monster before the 15 minutes time limit expires.

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