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How to Create a Guild With Friends in Warcraft Rumble

How to Create a Guild With Friends in Warcraft Rumble
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Guild is a social feature in Warcraft Rumble where players can discuss new teams, check the top teams of the members, earn Rare Leader Sylvanas Windrunner using Crests, get War Chests and other such things, making it a staple feature of the game. 

The current version of the Guild feature available in Warcraft Rumble is confusing and lacks some basic features. In the wake of that, we have many players who don’t know how to create a Guild with friends in Warcraft Rumble. This is where our guide comes in handy. 

How to Create a Guild With Friends in Warcraft Rumble

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In Warcraft Rumble, there is no direct option of creating a Guild with friends. However, you can create a normal Guild and use some workarounds to invite only your friends to it, making it a Guild with friends.

But first, you must know about how you can create a Guild in Warcraft Rumble. The process is very simple, keep progressing the game until you unlock the Guilds feature. 

Once that is done, tap on the purple banner, which you can find on the right side of the game screen, to open the ‘Guilds‘ menu. Ignore the top Guilds suggestions and tap on the ‘Create a Guild‘ option. You can find it on the top left side of the game screen. 

Set the name and other aspects of your Guild and finalize it. But before that, if only want your friends to join your Guild, make sure to set it on ‘Invite Only.’ 

After that, since there is no invite option available, you must share the Guild name with your friends and ask them to manually search for it and request to join. When they do that, you can accept the invite. That is how you create a Guild with friends in Warcraft Rumble

That concludes our guide on how to create a Guild with friends in Warcraft Rumble. While you are here, check out our guide on how to get Talents in. For more on the game, keep reading our dedicated Warcraft Rumble section

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How to Create a Guild With Friends in Warcraft Rumble