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How to Invite Players to Guild in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips

How to Invite Players to Guild in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips
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Guilds let players work together in Warcraft Rumble to gain mutual rewards. Guilds can be a little tricky to navigate, however, so here are some tips on how to invite players to guilds in Warcraft Rumble.

What are guilds in Warcraft Rumble?

Guilds are groups of like-minded players that can work towards a single goal. Guilds in Warcraft Rumble can hold up to 15 players. There’s no cost to join or create a guild, so you should join one as soon as you can. The guild function unlocks once you obtain 10 Onyxia Seals.

As a member of a guild, participating in PvP nets the guild special currencies called Family Tomes. Once the guild collects enough tomes, all members receive a special reward. The season 1 rewards include Sylvanas Windrunner, a new emote, and Epic Upgrade Cores.

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How to create or join a guild in Warcraft Rumble

Once you have unlocked guilds, tap on the purple banner in the bottom right corner to get to the guilds tab. If you’re not in the guild, the game automatically recommends a list of the most popular guilds that you can join right away.

You can tap the Create a Guild! button at the top of the screen if you’d rather make your own. Upon creation, guilds can be set to either public or invite only. Guilds set to public can accept players automatically as long as there is space. Guilds set to invite only requires players to apply, then their applications must be manually approved by guild officers.

How to invite players to your guild in Warcraft Rumble

If you’ve created your own guild, you might be wondering how to invite friends to your guild. We were wondering the same thing actually, as it seems that Warcraft Rumble‘s guild functionality is a bit lacking at the moment.

Unfortunately, Warcraft Rumble seems to have no direct way of inviting players and friends to your guild. Tell your friends the name of the guild, then have them search for it using the search box in the guilds tab. Players must type in your guild name EXACTLY as it appears, as the search functionality also seems to be a bit broken at the moment, and it may give you inaccurate results if your search is off.

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Once your friends have found your guild, they can join right away if your guild is set to public. If you want to ensure that no random players end up in your guild, you can set it to invite only. Do note that the preferred language also matters, so make sure that it is set correctly.

We hope this guide helps your friends find your guild. If you have any other questions about guilds in Warcraft Rumble, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Invite Players to Guild in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips