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How to Get Talents in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips

How to Get Talents in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips
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Warcraft Rumble is the universe of World of Warcraft brought to mobile devices. In this action-packed strategy game, your favorite WoW characters have turned into their mini variants, and possess useful talents to take you to victory.

Warcraft Rumble features tons of mini-characters from World of Warcraft. If you have played the MMORPG, you would enjoy watching its most iconic characters in an adorable art style. And just like in the original game, strong units with powerful abilities are key to winning. If you’re new to Warcraft Rumble, this guide should help you understand and acquire talents for your characters.

Warcraft Rumble talents guide

Warcraft Rumble talents
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In Warcraft Rumble, you get character talents after gathering 20 sigils. If you haven’t unlocked this feature yet, focus on collecting 20 sigils by playing PVE fights. Once you’ve completed Duskwood, you will have enough sigils to unlock talents. After unlocking talents, the game allows you to choose your hero’s first talent for free.

Every character has three special talents that boost their abilities. To get a character’s talent, you need to upgrade their rarity to unlock a talent slot. The first talent unlocks at Uncommon rarity, the second at Rare, and the third at Epic. Each unlocked talent slot also permanently increases the character’s level by one.

Warcraft Rumble G.R.I.D
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Once you’ve unlocked a talent slot, you might wonder how to get talents. To unlock a character’s talent, you need to acquire an extra copy of the character from G.R.I.D., found in the shop. G.R.I.D. is a mini store where you can buy characters in exchange for gold, but it’s entirely randomized.

Beginners might initially find it challenging to unlock talents, because they have many new characters to discover. As players unlock more characters, they mostly receive duplicates. For new players, it’s recommended to concentrate on unlocking new characters first, then focus on obtaining talents later.

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How to Get Talents in Warcraft Rumble | Guide & Tips