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How to Get Gold in Warcraft Rumble – Guide, Tips & Tricks

Hello, all of ya Warcraft Rumblers! Here, you’ll learn how to obtain Gold and best use it, the main currency in Warcraft Rumble. We’ll share some tips to help you get started in various challenges.

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While Warcraft Rumble may seem like a pretty forthright game at first, there’s a stunning depth beyond just putting out as many units as possible. So, let’s tackle and understand how to play Warcraft Rumble like an advanced player.

What is Gold in Warcraft Rumble?

Gold in Warcraft Rumble is the main currency! With Gold in the game, you’re allowed to buy:

  1. Leaders.
  2. Minis.
  3. Troop Rarity Upgrades (e.g. from Common to Uncommon, etc.).
  4. Talents.
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TIP* This is the precise order you want to prioritize when spending your gold. First, you need to choose what leaders you are interested in most and what your playstyle will be centered around.

How to Make Gold in Warcraft Rumble?

Here is how to make gold in Warcraft Rumble:

  • 1st Time Completion of Campaign Stages.
  • Faction Completion of Campaign Stages.
  • PvP Ranking.
  • Arclight Surge.
  • Shop Offers.

Unlike is usually the case in other games, we recommend that you combine all the provided above methods.

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TIP* The reason for this is that it is in the developer’s best interest to make you spend your real money on the game, but the prices there are exorbitantly high. Therefore, it is better to dedicate more time to grinding and farming rather than buying products they offer at such a cost.

1’st Time Completion of Campaign Stages

When you start playing, you will have a few game modes. As a beginner, you want to focus on completing campaign stages above everything else. This will not only let you earn Skulls, which is another type of currency needed for in-game progression but will serve as a reliable source of extra gold.

While completing campaign stages is undeniably one of the best ways to make gold in Warcraft Rumble, it only suits those players who have only started their journey. Why? You will earn 60 gold per boss when fighting enemies during the first stage, called Elven Forest. You cannot argue that it is not that much. However, the reward will steadily increase, and you will get as much as 115 gold per boss in Blackrock Mountain.

Faction Completion of Campaign Stages

By further progression through the game, we have a more complex method of earning Warcraft Rumble quick gold, as it only becomes available once you have completed all the stages with at least one of the factions. In the game, you can earn up to 5 badges, one badge for every faction, when you clear out a particular stage.

To make it count that you have completed a particular stage with a specific faction, you need to use its leader. For example, you want to receive the Alliance badge. For this, you need to use any leader in your deck when clearing out this or that stage. This can be Tirion Fordring, for instance, or any other hero from this particular faction.

Here are all 5 badges for all the existing factions, such as:

  • Alliance.
  • Beast.
  • Blackrock.
  • Horde.
  • Undead.

TIP* Every time you clear out a zone with a different faction, you will earn gold as a reward. This will make you upgrade your leaders and minis within a chosen faction to make it strong enough to complete a particular stage.

PvP Ranking

PvP mode might not be the fastest and most efficient way to discuss the best Warcraft Rumble gold farming 2023 methods, but it still works. Frankly, it is a great option not only to become more profitable but also to test your skills and see how you are doing when it comes to opposing other players.

Arclight Surge

This is the most exciting point in this guide since the Arclight Surge event takes the leading role and is highly recommended as one of the most efficient Warcraft Rumble gold-making methods.

TIP* If you need to learn what this event is about, you can try Arclight Surge in action every Saturday and Wednesday at midnight. Every time, the event lasts for three days. During this time, you will have two locations you have already completed electrified and become a part of this exciting event.

Arclight Surge only has two downsides, namely:

  • You can complete Arclight Surge and get a gold reward only once while it is active.
  • This event is time-restricted and you have to wait another three days to take part in it.

Each completed electrified zone earns you 300 gold in total. You will have to deal with 5 bosses, and defeating every one of them rewards you with 60 gold each. However, these two zones will have different rules, and you must agree to them to get the desired reward. To make things easier, take a look at the table below:


Lady Vespira
Complete the stage with a pre-crafted deck you cannot edit. All the minis at your disposal will belong to Beast / Alliance factions.
The Barrens

Hezrul Bloodmark
Grommash Hellscream
Bonus when fighting within this zone! The latter lets all your minis level up each time they are played.

NOTE* this is just an example and you will have different stages to complete in the game

TIP* Take advantage of this event since it can stuff your pockets with as much as 600 gold in total. On top of that, you will not have to fight other players, meaning all the battles presented within these stages will be simple.

Shop Offers

The most efficient and fastest way to earn extra gold in Warcraft Rumble is to buy a gold farming service for cash.

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The game allows you to buy gold from the Shop for your money. However, the prices you will see there are absolutely crazy. Many players claim that this is a standard price, and so on. Yet, the truth is that only a few gamers can afford such deals. ]

TIP* Instead, we highly recommend that you loot and grind by yourself cause it’s more fun and cheaper.

Warcraft Rumble Gold Farming Tips & Tricks

The Top 3 essential Warcraft Rumble gold farming tips and tricks can be found below:

  • Wise Gold Spending – If you are not investing real money, there will never be a situation when you have too much gold. You must think twice before buying this or that leader or upgrading a particular mini. Make sure to farm more and spend less to avoid evolving into a pay-to-win player.
  • Efficient Farming – Since it’s already described as the most popular and lucrative Warcraft Rumble gold farming strategy, it is up to you which ones you will stick to. However, we highly recommend combining all of them for the highest profit.
  • Building a Strong Deck – While you will not have plenty of gold, especially early in the game, remember to see what decks are currently in the meta. This will let you avoid crafting a weak deck that is easy to counter or simply less efficient. By choosing the right build, you will not only increase your chances of triumphing in PvP battles but also speed up the campaign progression.

Implementing these tips and tricks enables you to be well on your way to evolving to a Warcraft Rumble gold-farming expert, which allows you to build a brutal army and achieve triumph in the game.


Ultimately, pursuing gold in Warcraft Rumble is not just a means to an end. It is a necessary part of the game to determine your success in this dynamic and exquisite world. As you have discovered in our gold farm guide, completing campaign zones, participating in PvP battles, and participating in Arclight Surge are vital strategies for gathering wealth.

Gold reveals the path to endless possibilities in Warcraft Rumble. It fuels the evolution of your decks, improves the abilities of your heroes, and lets you prevail in new game modes. With a mixture of strategic sense and a keen eye for opportunities, you can pave your route to luxury and domination on the battleground.

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How to Get Gold in Warcraft Rumble – Guide, Tips & Tricks