How to Craft Sweet Veggie Cakes in ARK Survival Evolved

sweet veggie cakes from ark survival evolved

The carnivorous dinosaurs often get attention in ARK, the big ones who can protect their masters. However, it’s important to remember the herbivores as well. One of the herbivores’ favorite snacks is the Sweet Vegetable Cakes you can craft in-game. These can help them heal and even tame certain ones like the Ovis and Achatina. Making the cakes requires some special ingredients, but it is definitely worth it. Here is how to craft Sweet Veggie Cakes in ARK Survival Evolved.

What You Need For Sweet Veggie Cakes in ARK Survival Evolved

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The first thing you’ll need is either a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker. To build a Cooking Pot, you’ll need 75 Stones, 15 pieces of Thatch, 10 pieces of Wood, and 5 Flints. The Industrial Cooker is the more advanced version and is for more experienced players. However, beginner players can do this too. They also have to be attached to an irrigation pipe. To make it, you need a Fabricator and a Refining Forge. The ingredients are 300 Polymers, 1800 Metal ingots or Scrap Metal Ingots, 450 Cementing Pastes, and 300 Oils.

What Ingredients You Need For Sweet Veggie Cakes In Ark Survival Evolved

an ovis from ARK Survival Evolved

Once you have your cooking vessel of choice it’s time to get your ingredients together. It’s a long list, but most of the ingredients are easy to get, so do not be overwhelmed. You’ll need 25 fibers, 4 Stimulants, 4 Stones, 4 Sap, 2 Savoroots, 2 Giant Bee Honey, 2 Rockarrots, 8 Flints, and 1 Water. As a reminder, you need a Waterskin in order to carry around water. You can craft one with 4 Hides and 12 Fibers and it is one of the most basic objects in the game you should always have on hand. If you have an Industrial Cooker, you don’t need the Waterskin, as it will get water from the irrigation pipe.

How To Cook And Store Sweet Veggie Cakes

You also need a Mortar and Pestle for this recipe, which requires 65 Stones and 15 Hides to make. Once you have all the ingredients, add them to the inventory of your lit cooking source of choice. How long they take to cook depends on if you are using a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, the Cooking Pot takes much longer. It will spoil in around an hour and twenty minutes if left in your inventory, so make sure to store it either in a Refrigerator, Smokehouse, or Preserving Bin if you are not going to feed it to a dinosaur right away.

Sweet Veggie Cakes are an excellent way to replenish the health of your herbivore dinosaurs. If you stock up on ingredients, you can have the means to make some whenever you like. Veggie cakes are one of the most important resources you can have for herbivores and now you know exactly how to make them.

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How to Craft Sweet Veggie Cakes in ARK Survival Evolved


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