How to Complete Escape From Tarkov “Pharmacist” Quest

How to Complete Escape From Tarkov

Various quests are one of the most significant and exciting parts of Escape From Tarkov. Quests are the perfect option to spend time in the game and one of the best ways of obtaining EXP. And by reading this guide, you will find out how to complete Escape from Tarkov “Pharmacist” quest.

“Pharmacist” Quest Requirements

Before finding out how to complete the quest, it would be best to discover specific goals while completing the “Pharmacist” quest. The central and only necessary goal while completing this quest is to get into a two-story dorm room 114 to obtain the particular Carbon Case.

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How to Get Into Room 114

Before getting into room 114, you should get a key. The first location where it can be found is in customs by the Military Checkpoint, and the second is pockets, bags, and jackets. And below, there is a specific location where you are guaranteed to find the 114 Key. Just feel free to find the blue VAZ 2019 and loot a key here.

Once you have got a key, it is time to continue with the second part of completing the “Pharmacist” quest – getting into Room 114. This room is located in the special Two-Story Dorm building on the map’s southern side. Below, you can easily find the particular location of this construction on the map.

Feel free to get inside this building using the main entrance and follow the long corridor until you see the end. After that, you need to open Room 114 using a unique key and find the Carbon Case to finish the mission.

That’s it with completing the “Pharmacist” quest in Escape from Tarkov. Even though this quest might seem pretty challenging, with our guide, you can easily complete it even if you are not an experienced player in Escape from Tarkov. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best action games for Android.

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How to Complete Escape From Tarkov “Pharmacist” Quest


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