How to Complete Clandestine Investigation 5 in MIR4

How to Complete Clandestine Investigation 5 in MIR4

In the wonderful Asian MMORPG MIR4, players always have something to do. You can farm Copper, Stones, go to raids, and complete quests. But some of them are not obvious and do not have many tips to make life easier for the players. In this guide, we will tell you about Clandestine Investigation 5.

Clandestine Investigation 5 in MIR4

To accept and start this quest, you must open the menu and go to the Missions section. There, in the Request tab, select Bicheon Castle. In the list on the right, you will find Request Clandestine Investigation 5.

The quest says that you need to Punish the Wanted, and there are no clues here. The recommended Power Score is 10,095. As soon as you destroy the 240th enemy, you will be rewarded with 7,920 Copper, 3,480 Experience Points, and several Century Fruits.

How to Complete Clandestine Investigation 5

When you have chosen this quest, open the map and go to the Bicheon Area and click on the Bicheon Castle. And head to Bicheon Castle Backstreet. Once there, enter the red portal which will take you to the Elite version of Bicheon Castle Backstreet. Only here you can find and Punish the Wanted. On the left side of the map in the second room from the bottom where you can find Twinway Clan Leader Noh Wunjang, you need to kill 240 honor guards. If you have high enough stats, it will not be difficult for you to complete this quest in 15-20 minutes.

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How to Complete Clandestine Investigation 5 in MIR4


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