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How to Catch Channel Catfish in Palia

Learn how to catch Channel Catfish in Palia with the best locations to fish for this species in this handy guide!

Besides exploring, farming, mining, and harvesting, you can even go fishing in Palia. Among many species of fish that you can try to catch with your fishing equipment is the Channel Catfish, but you might struggle a bit as this fish is classified as Uncommon.

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Whether you want to sell it or make Fish Stew, Channel Catfish is worth your time. You can get 47 Gold for it—even 70 if you catch a star-quality specimen. Whatever your motivation is, in this guide, we will show you how to catch Channel Catfish in Palia the easy way.

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Where to Find Channel Catfish in Palia

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Screengrab via Palia on YouTube

Even though marked as Uncommon fish in this life simulator game, Channel Catfish is not that difficult to find. You can fish at numerous locations in the game, but some are better than others depending on your target. Channel Catfish lives in the rivers of Kilima Village, and one location where we had the most luck catching it is behind the Ormuu’s Horn, but you can also try Whispering Banks or Phoenix Falls.

This species doesn’t care what time of the day it is so you can show up with your fishing equipment whenever, and you will have pretty good odds of catching it on your first try.

How to Catch Channel Catfish in Palia

To catch Channel Catfish in Palia, you don’t need any special equipment nor any bait at all—you just need your fishing rod and some patience. Cast your fishing rod in one of the locations we mentioned above, wait for the fish to bite, and check which species you got as you start reeling it in. If it’s not Channel Catfish, you can release your prey, reel in your line, and cast the rod again.

You can also improve your luck by eating Fish Stew or taking Fisherman’s Brew before trying to catch Channel Catfish. We also noticed that we had more luck when fishing close to other players, so you can try that approach as well.

Now, if you caught your Channel Catfish, you just need to decide whether you want to sell it or perhaps grill it. In any case, make sure to explore the rest of our dedicated Palia section here on TouchTapPlay for more assistance with this amazing game!

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How to Catch Channel Catfish in Palia