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How to Remove Crops in Palia

Learn how to remove crops in Palia with this handy guide.

Farming is a huge part of life simulation games like Palia. And if you’re not a farming expert who knows all the details about creating perfect layouts and selecting the right crops for each slot, there’s going to be at least some trial and error as you try to build your homestead.

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Also, don’t get too hard on yourself if you don’t get everything right in Palia on the first go—it’s pretty much impossible! You will start planting crops and realize there are better ones or that another layout might work better for your garden. Naturally, you might want to scrap some plots and start over, but how should you do it? This guide explains how to remove crops in Palia, so let’s dig in!

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How to Remove Crops in Palia

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Unfortunately for all of us inexperienced farmers, there is no way to remove crops in Palia. Once you plant something, you have to wait it out and exhaust crop harvesting before you can use that slot for another plant.

This can get quite annoying, especially if you’ve planted apples or tomatoes which yield multiple harvests. Don’t waste your energy or time trying to remove the plant even by killing it with overwatering. If you regret your crop choice for any reason, the only option you have left at the moment is patience.

However, this option may show up in the game down the road if the developers realize just how useful it would be for the players. Until we receive any more updates on removing crops in Palia, you will have to carefully consider your farming plans or wait until you harvest everything there is before you can plant something new.

On the other hand, you can move plots if you’re not happy with the layout of your garden. Just use CTRL, pick up the plot, and move it as you would any other item.

For more assistance with this life simulator, check out our dedicated Palia section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Remove Crops in Palia