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Best Farming Layout in Palia

Best Farming Layout in Palia
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If you’re familiar with farming simulator games, the gardening in Palia should feel very familiar to you. All farming is done on a tile-based grid, and one soil plot can hold up to nine tiles for crops. That isn’t to say that Palia doesn’t add its own spin on things, though.

Every crop in Palia provides a special bonus to nearby crops when planted. These bonuses can range from faster growing times to increase yields, which adds a whole other layer of strategy to farming. So, how can you get the most bang for your buck? Here are the best farming layouts in Palia.

The best farming soil layout in Palia

The game briefly explains adjacent crop bonuses during the tutorial, but just in case you glossed over it, we’ll explain everything here. Every crop grants a special effect to other adjacent crops—diagonal crops are not affected. Here’s a complete list of all crops and their effects:

  • Tomato/Potato: Water retention
  • Carrot/Onion: Weed prevention
  • Cotton: Quality boost
  • Wheat/Rice: Harvest boost
  • Apple/Blueberry: Grow Speed Increase

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Best Palia Farming Layout #2

So, theoretically, the “best” farming layout would be able to activate all the effects while ensuring a profitable harvest. After some digging around the Palia community, we found a fantastic layout by Reddit user “Werneq”. The layout is a 9×9 grid:


This layout ensures that every single crop (except for the four corners) gets all the helpful buffs. This layout doesn’t include the Apple Trees or Blueberry Bushes, because those require more of an investment, so just about any Palian can use this layout.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Best Palia Farming Layout #2

Of course, if you are at the stage where you can get Apple Trees and Blueberry Bushes, we found another helpful layout for you to use. This time, Reddit user “Grepst3r” shared another 9×9 layout, but this one uses Apples and Blueberries for the faster-growing speed.


This layout is all about growing crops quickly and with higher qualities. The two empty spaces are free spaces, so go ahead and plant whatever you want there. If you’re looking to get more star-quality crops and seeds, this layout can help with that.

Have a favorite layout for your crops? Show us in the comments below! And, while you’re here, be sure to check out our dedicated guide section for Palia.

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Best Farming Layout in Palia