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Best Fishing Spots in Palia

Learn which fishing spots are the best for catching lots of rare fish quickly in Palia.

We here at Touch Tap Play love cozy farming simulators as much as you guys do, and Palia has been in our sights for a while now. The open beta is finally here, so everyone can jump in and try their hands at the new MMO farming simulator.

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Palia has all the staples of a farm life simulation game: gardening, hunting, fishing, and mining. Today, we’ll be looking at fishing, and all the hot spots to fish at. Looking to become a master angler? Here are the best fishing spots in Palia.

The best fishing spots in Palia

The first fishing spot that we like to hit up is the tiny pond in the Mayor’s Estate, especially if we’re short on cash and don’t have any bait. Head inside the estate, then go out the backdoor to reach the backyard garden. As soon as you enter the garden, turn to your left to find the tiny pond. Here is the exact location:

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The only two types of fish you can catch here without bait are Calico Koi and Mudminnows, both of which sell for 23 gold each. In most other fishing spots, baitless fishing usually gets you fish that sell for only 20 gold, so this is a small step up.

Occasionally, you can get some Waterlogged Chests here too. Also, since the pond is so small, it doesn’t take that long to reel up fish, making it a pretty efficient spot. In about an hour of fishing, we were able to make around 10,000 gold.

Now, if you’re packing Glow Worms, or even just regular worms, you should always use them. The fish you can catch while using bait is always more profitable than what the bait initially cost, so it’s always a net gain.

If you’re using worms, the best fishing spot is the pond right outside your house plot! Not the little one where you can refill your Watering Can, but the big one by the cliffside.

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This is the best spot to fish with bait because there aren’t too many fish that jump here, and you can catch lots of rare fish with bait. Jumping fish waste a lot of time, and if you’re looking to get rich quickly using fishing, faster catches are always better.

If your farm is advanced enough, be sure to put down lots of Worm Boxes. You’re going to need tons and tons of worms if you want to make lots of gold from fishing, so load up while you can.

Looking for more tips to get the most out of your adventure? Be sure to check out our dedicated guide section.

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Best Fishing Spots in Palia