How to Burn People in High School Simulator 2018

How to Burn People in High School Simulator 2018

High School Simulator 2018 is an exciting simulator of the life of a student, where you go to school, to a cafe, and, of course, have a relationship. But sometimes the opponent may start flirting with a boy you like, and then jealousy can cloud your mind. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you about how to burn people.

How to Burn People

High School has approximately 100 students. 6 of them are student council members who will catch you as soon as you do something bad. And of course, all of them can be killed using a variety of weapons. You can find it on the grass near the main gate to the school. After lessons, some students leave and some stay for club activities. In other words, everyone has a routine. So by observing your victim, you can find a time when she will be alone. Otherwise, if you attack a student in a crowded place, they will immediately grab you.

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And so you chose the victim, you found a place where he or she is alone and defenseless, now you should kill. But it is better to do it somewhere behind the school. On the side of the school near the fence, there are incinerators in which you can burn not only garbage. You need to take the student’s body and bring it to the incinerators. Now you have to jump into the incinerators and drop the body there. When you get out, just turn on the incinerator. Now no one will know about the crime. You also do not have to burn one body at a time, you can burn several at once.

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How to Burn People in High School Simulator 2018


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