If you’ve be partly blind to the obvious thing and have been trying all game to figure out how to get an anime girlfriend or boyfriend, you’re not alone, don’t worry. We have been trying to figure out how the devs made it in the game screenshots and that curiosity drove us to figure out exactly how.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much at the beginning, it’s a fun feature that adds a certain je ne sais quas (a.k.a. it makes it more compelling and interesting for all the weebz out there, me included).

So, not to waste any more time I’m going to share exactly how you can get that certain someone you got your eyes on in High School Simulator 2018 to kiss you!

First thing you will need to look out for is right before your eyes from the very beginning: a gift sitting on the vanity right beside your bed (in your house, obviously). What you will need to do is pick that up and give it as a gift to one of the characters you like. Be careful who you choose, because you only get one and that’s it.

The main thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you can not give that gift to just anyone. The three characters right at the school entrance and to the right can not become your significant other (The girl Mist Moon [Sukeban], Onii Chan [Bancho], Medha [Garden Club Leader], those three).

Unfortunately, the options are limited when it comes to these, so you can only choose one of the other students.

The good thing here, however, is that the gender of the other one doesn’t matter, so you can go ahead and date anyone! If you play a female character, you can date another female one; the same goes for the male character, you can also date another male character.

Once you have made your choices, you can go ahead and press Y to talk to them and choose the first option which is “kiss“. That’s pretty much it!

To sum this up, what you need to remember is this: first pick up the gift from your room, secondly gift it to the one you like, and finally kiss until the sun goes down!

If you are looking for some more High School Simulator 2018 related stuff, don’t forget to check out tips and tricks page, and also if you decide you would like to rather go on a rampage, we got the complete weapon list for you to choose from.

That’s it for our High School Simulator 2018 how to kiss guide, so if you have any suggestions on who you think is the best choice of a date, let us know! Also, let us know down in the comments who you chose to be your significant other and why!



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