How to Breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters – Breeding Guide


Among the many interesting titles in the mobile game industry, My Singing Monsters is a franchise that combines worldbuilding, simulation, and music. The first installment was released for iOS in 2012 by publisher Big Blue Bubble, and remains a success to this day.

As a game centered around monsters, it will require you to collect and breed these creatures, who will then sing for you, to earn resources. And of course, some of them are harder than others to obtain. In this guide, you will learn how to breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters.

Who Is Shrubb in My Singing Monsters?

Monsters are the core of My Singing Monsters. Each of them has a unique voice, which you can choose to use or not in your songs to get the result you need. That means, if you want to hear all of them, you will have to learn how to breed. And today we are going to talk about the monster known as Shrubb, a giant creature with long limbs, made of wood and grass.

Shrubb is a double-element monster in My Singing Monsters, which means it does not produce as many coins as single-element monsters. Its two elements are Plant and Earth. Voiced by Erick Desjardins, it contributes to the song with a percussive, beatbox rhythm.

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How to Breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters

Shrubb can be unlocked on Plant Island by combining Potbelly and Noggin, the single-element monsters for the Plant and Earth elements, respectively. The standard breeding time of this creature is 8 hours, and the enhanced time is 5 hours. Other monsters that can be bred with Potbelly include Oaktopus and Furcorn.

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My Singing Monsters is available for iOS, Android, and PC. Check out all our guides and good luck with your further exploration!

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How to Breed Shrubb in My Singing Monsters – Breeding Guide


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