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There are so many career choices in Bitlife, from the regular Doctor or Teacher to the more unusual K Pop Singer or Mafia Mob Boss. One of the more rare career choices is the Exorcist. This job is so rare that it only appears in the Jobs tab occasionally. Becoming an Exorcist is important if you are looking to complete the Ghostbuster or Demon Slayer Challenges, or you can just be one for the spooky fun of it! Find out below how to become an Exorcist in BitLife.

The job offer of Exorcist happens randomly. Check out the Occupation section of the jobs listings and if it has not appeared, check again the next day until you see it. If you see it has appeared, take it straight away! It may not show up again for a long while.

The job is offered through the church, and they will be looking for a well-behaved, noble person—so make sure you have not been involved in any criminal activity up to that point.

Ghosts in BitLife (Via Twitter)

There is no need for any formal education to become an Exorcist, so don’t worry if you don’t have a degree. All you need is to be 18-years-old or over, and to have left school. The job does not pay very well, so you will have to work hard to make any money.

Removing ghosts from a house is simple: click on the house and tap the spirit you want to exorcise. It may not work the first time, but you can attempt it again at another point in the year.

Happy ghost hunting!

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