BitLife: How to become a doctor | Tips and Cheats


Heal the world and save lives as a doctor in BitLife! One of the most rewarding careers and also straightforward, becoming a doctor in BitLife takes some work but is very much worth it in the end. In our BitLife tips and cheats guide on how to become a doctor, we’ll walk you through all of the steps of becoming a doctor.

Early Life Wonders

If you’re a veteran BitLife player, you’re probably already know what to expect here: being a good child! Whether you’re a pro at BitLife or you’re new and looking for some pointers, one thing we stress a lot is that your early life can be pretty impactful on your later life if you let it.

Be good to your friends and family, and they’ll help you out later in life. Stay in school, don’t get in trouble, and make sure to study hard. It may be elementary/primary school, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important!

Your early life is especially important if you start with less than ideal stats, specifically your smarts. You will need high smarts to get into medical school, so you need to work hard as soon as you start school.

Once you get to high school, keep doing the same thing and do well in school. You can join a club if you want, but it will have little impact on your medical career.

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Get to Medical School

Go to university once you’re out of high school and choose either Nursing, Chemistry, or any kind of science or biology related field. Nursing is obviously the best choice, but it may not be available when you apply to university.

If this is the case you can just skip a year or attend community college, then go back and check – the list of majors should have refreshed. Once you find an appropriate major, go ahead and finish your time at university while keeping up your smarts and grades. Study harder if you need to!

Upon graduation, it is time to make your move. You can go to graduate school next if you’d like, but at this point you can go straight to medical school. If you want to start making the big bucks sooner, than go to medical school.

You should be able to get in with no problem, and if you were staying vigilant with your studies and smarts, you should be able to get a scholarship that will pay your tuition fees. If you don’t, pick up a part-time job and scrounge up some cash.

Once you’re in medical school, keep up with your studies. Check your education profile every year and see how your grades are doing – if they’re too low, you are in danger of getting expelled from medical school, which basically ruins your chance of becoming a doctor for that character. Study hard to ensure that this does not happen.

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Become the Ultimate Doctor

Keep at it and you’ll eventually graduate from medical school. From here you can jump right into a medical setting from the job listings. Look for either a (Medical Office) or (Hospital) listing, and apply for it.

If you’re not accepted right away into the interview, then you can try for a lower position, like a junior position. Either way works because you’ll get the doctor career if you’ve never done it before!

And that’s it! You’re now a doctor! Enjoy saving lives and curing people in BitLife. Just remember to treat your patients with respect and care, and you’ll be perfectly fine.

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BitLife: How to become a doctor | Tips and Cheats


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