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BitLife: How to become a K-pop singer | Tips and Cheats

BitLife: How to become a K-pop singer | Tips and Cheats

K-pop is taking the music scene by storm, so why not try your hand at stardom? The latest musical career update in BitLife lets players take on a number of exiting new careers, and one of them lets you be a K-pop star! We’ll show you how all the steps to becoming a K-pop singer in our newest BitLife guide!

Live in South Korea

This should go without saying, but in order to become a K-Pop singer you need to be situated in South Korea. The easiest way to do this is to start a new life with South Korea as your home country, but you can also opt to just move there later in your life.

We recommend just starting out in South Korea, though. The reason being is that you need to take vocal lessons, and if you’re familiar with the vocal lessons you’ll know that they are a gigantic pain in the butt to deal with, so the earlier you take them the better.

Whichever path you take, the sooner you are in South Korea the better, as you can get started on your career as early as possible.

Take Lots of Vocal Lessons

As soon as you turn eight years old, you are able to take vocal lessons. You can access them from the Mind & Body section of the activities tab. Vocal lessons are free when you’re child assuming you’ve been nice enough to your parents to make them pay for it, so make sure to be a good child!

You can take vocal lessons repeatedly in the same year, but just like we outlined it in our previous guide on how to become a singer, the skill gain from it is completely random and you can even lose skill sometimes.

You must have a high enough vocal skill to be able to be signed onto a record company, so that means you’re going to be doing this a lot. Get used to it – it is quite the grueling process, so hang in there.

Becoming an Official K-Pop Singer

Once your vocal skills are at about 80%+ (try to aim for even higher to increase your chances), it is time to take your shot. Go into the jobs tab and scroll down to the special careers and tap on musician.

You can choose from either being in a band or opt to go solo, but you need a Bitzen membership in order to go for the band option. For now, choose solo artist. Set the career type to singer, and then choose from the three record labels.

It doesn’t matter what record label you choose, so if one doesn’t work try the other. If your vocal skill is high enough, they’ll sign you on and you will officially become a K-Pop singer!

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BitLife: How to become a K-pop singer | Tips and Cheats


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