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How to Beat Stage 8-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Beat Stage 8-40 in Street Fighter: Duel
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Progressing in the main campaign of Street Fighter: Duel is all about choosing the right team, based on the enemies you’re facing, and making sure your fighters are all leveled up. In each chapter, you face off against increasingly more powerful enemies, with everything escalating in the last stage of that chapter. That’s where the bosses are.

If you’re struggling to finish the eighth chapter in this game, here is how to beat stage 8-40 in Street Fighter: Duel with the right strategy.

Street Fighter: Duel stage 8-40, explained

In stage 8-40, you have to fight Mad Ryu, Hugo, Dudley, and Hakan. They are all level 116, with Mad Ryu coming from the Thunder faction and the other three, from the Flame faction. It is quite a challenging fight, so you have to prepare accordingly. You should also keep in mind that the total enemy team power is 164k.

However, the reward you get for winning is quite worth the trouble—after clearing stage 8-40, you get 15k Fighter EXP, 10k Cash, 1,800 EXP, and the ability to use Fighting Heart.

How to beat stage 8-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

We should state in advance that there is more than one possible way to beat any stage in Street Fighter: Duel. There are numerous team configurations that could work, and your success also depends on how upgraded your heroes are. However, there are some strategic tips that you could benefit from regarding which heroes you should choose and which configuration could work better.

First, you should invest in your fighters, so that they can surpass the enemy’s level 116 and have the best possible gear. The higher your level, the better the outcome. Therefore, don’t skip any chances of getting free resources—that includes logging in daily, completing side missions, and redeeming Street Fighter: Duel codes.

The combination of fighters that worked for us in this particular order includes:

You can use Makoto and Cammy in the background. Arrange your fighters in the following combo: Chun-Li as the Super Combo Start, Blanka in Combo 1, Elena in Combo 2, and Mad Ryu in Combo 3.

We hope this combination gets you through stage 8-40 of Street Fighter: Duel. Let us know how it goes, and don’t forget to check out our section dedicated to the game for more useful guides.

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How to Beat Stage 8-40 in Street Fighter: Duel


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