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How to Beat Stage 11-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Beat Stage 11-40 in Street Fighter: Duel
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Here you are, at the end of yet another Street Fighter: Duel chapter. When you see that you’re supposed to fight Bison as the main boss, you might start sweating a bit, because you know it will take all you’ve got and a lot of your time.

Ending stages of each Street Fighter: Duel chapter are no joke, so if it takes a couple of hours and a lot of upgrades to your team, don’t worry—it’s normal. Still, you can improve your chances of winning much faster if you follow this guide on how to beat stage 11-40 in Street Fighter: Duel and send that big bad Bison into oblivion.

Street Fighter: Duel stage 11-40 explained

At the end of the eleventh chapter of Street Fighter: Duel, you have to face off against level 146 characters, including:

  • M. Bison (the boss)
  • Abel
  • Dhalsim
  • Fei Long in the background

The total power of the enemy team is 357k, which means you have to grind a lot to get your team anywhere close to that level. Since you will need all the help you can get, make sure to redeem the latest Street Fighter: Duel codes for free resources and upgrade your fighters some more, or try to get some of the rarest and strongest characters in the game.

While it is not a requirement, we advise you to try and build a total team power of your own at least above 300k, so level your heroes up to 140 or more, awaken some to S tier if possible, and make sure they’re equipped with the best gear that you have.

How to beat stage 11-40 of Street Fighter: Duel

If you cannot overpower your enemies or don’t have the strongest fighters in the game, you need to strategize a bit. First, select your team carefully for this stage. We went by the suggestions of a YouTuber named RoKage and equipped the following fighters in this particular order:

  • Beast Zangief
  • Mad Ryu
  • Chun-Li
  • Elena

This is far from the only team build that you can rely on, but it is a good combination based on the enemy’s factions.

The recommended combo looks like this: Beast Zangief, Elena’s buff, Beast Zangief again, and Mad Ryu, but the success in this stage depends on your ability to improvise—manually.

The best approach to this fight requires you to eliminate Abel as soon as possible. For that, you should pay attention to the blue energy bar of the enemy and deploy Mad Ryu, Elena, and Zangief skills—in that order. Finish it off by using Mad Ryu again, especially because it helps you avoid Dhalsim’s sneaky attack.

In the next stage, you can open your combo with Mad Ryu again, use Zangief for his AoE damage, followed by Chun-Li’s AoE attack, and finish by using yet another Mad Ryu’s powerful onslaught.

At that point, you should only have Bison left to deal with (or Bison and Dhalsim with a small amount of HP), and the rest of the fight shouldn’t be as challenging.

Of course, you may need several attempts to get the timing and the combos right. Also, a different team configuration could work even better, depending on how leveled up you are.

Let us know in the comments how you managed to beat 11-40, and check out our dedicated section for The Best Combos in Street Fighter: Duel.

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How to Beat Stage 11-40 in Street Fighter: Duel


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