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How to Unlock the Rarest Characters in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Unlock the Rarest Characters in Street Fighter: Duel
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When you start playing a gacha-based fighting game like Street Fighter: Duel, you probably want the strongest characters on your team. At the same time, you know that the odds of getting them through the regular summoning mechanism are next to impossible.

Street Fighter: Duel has a good selection of iconic heroes that have been popular for decades. One of the good things about the game is that it is not so difficult to get one of the higher-tier characters regularly, but if you want a team made up of the best of the best, it won’t be easy or fast.

Still, there are ways to recruit some of the strongest fighters in the game for free. With this guide, you can learn how to unlock the rarest characters in Street Fighter: Duel without spending any money.

How to get the rarest characters in Street Fighter: Duel for free

You can collect in-game resources used for summoning new fighters by completing main missions, finishing different daily or weekly tasks, redeeming free Street Fighter: Duel codes, or participating in numerous other activities scattered across the game’s main screen.

Mostly, what you need is gems, but there are also A- or B-tier fragments that increase your chances of getting a solid fighter. Still, at 0.019%, the chances of summoning the best characters, like M. Bison or Rose, are so small that you may spend thousands and thousands of gems before you get one.

Luckily, Street Fighter: Duel features a Global Awakening event where you can claim one of the game’s rarest and strongest characters as the final reward—technically, for free. You still need to grind a lot, though. The reward bar fills as you awaken fighters to the corresponding grades and earn Collection Points.

While this means a lot of summoning and a lot of spent gems, the rewards are pretty generous. As you combine lower-grade heroes to A+, S, S+, or SS+ tiers and get more and more Collection Points, you also get big amounts of Gems at each milestone.

Everything culminates at 1,400 Collection Points when you get the Fighter Selection Chest II. This chest guarantees that you obtain one of the four rarest and strongest Street Fighter: Duel characters, which are:

  • Gen
  • Rose
  • Juri
  • M. Bison

The best part is that you also get to choose which one of these fighters you want.

There is a catch, however, because the event is time-limited. At the time of writing, there are 15 more days to make use of this possibility to obtain one of these iconic heroes. After that, the reward turns into 8,888 Gems instead.

Therefore, hurry up and grind to get a Juri or Gen of your own. And even if you can’t make it now, it is quite likely that the game will continue with similar events in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for another opportunity!

Let us know if you’re successful in your hunt for one of these characters, and don’t skip the other useful Street Fighter: Duel guides in our dedicated section.

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How to Unlock the Rarest Characters in Street Fighter: Duel


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