On your journey to become the Champion of the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will have to fight the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, who all come with Pokemon teams that are centered around a certain theme.

After completing the game, you will get the chance to challenge all of the defeated Gym Leaders again. Only that, in the rematch, they will come with updated teams that include Pokemon featured in the National Dex, requiring you to come up with new strategies to win again.

Here’s how to beat Roark, Oreburgh City’s Gym Leader, in a rematch.

How to Fight Roark In a Rematch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Before you can fight Roark again in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will first have to unlock the National Dex, which can be done by seeing all of the Pokemon native to Sinnoh. Once this is done, head to the Oreburgh City’s Gym and talk with Roark to start the fight.

Roark Rematch Pokemon Team

While Roark has updated his team to include Pokemon from the National Dex, his team is still themed around the Rock-type. As his Pokemon range from Lv. 64 to Lv. 70, it’s best to rematch Roark only if you have Pokemon in the Lv. 70 and above range.

These are the Pokemon Roark uses in the rematch.

Tyranitar (Lv.68)Rock/DarkCrunch
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock
Sand StreamSmooth Rock
Aerodactyl (Lv.66)Rock/FlyingStone Edge
Stealth Rock
UnnerveScope Lens
Armaldo (Lv.70)Rock/BugStone Edge
Swift SwimSitrus Berry
Probopass (Lv.68)Rock/SteelPower Gem
Flash Cannon
Body Press
Sand ForceFocus Sash
Relicanth (Lv.64)Water/RockHead SmashRock HeadChoice Band
Rampardos (Lv.72)RockStone Edge
Iron Tail
Zen Headbutt
Head Smash
Sheer ForceLife Orb

How to Beat Roark In a Rematch

To fight Roark’s Pokemon effectively, you will need to bring certain Pokemon types to the fight. Tyranitar and Probopass are extremely weak against Fighting moves, so bringing a Pokemon like Lucario is a very good choice, considering Aura Sphere does great against Rampardos as well. As Tyranitar is always the first Pokemon Roark sends out, you will want to take it down as quickly as possible to limit the effects of Sand Stream. Probopass cannot be taken down in a single hit due to the Focus Sash item, so wear it down a bit before taking it out.

More good Pokemon to bring to this match are Water-types that can take down the dangerous Aerodactyl quickly, thus preventing it from using Roar and mess up your strategy, and Grass-type Pokemon to deal with Relicanth. This Pokemon is not a big problem, due to the Choice Band item that lets it use only a single move, Head Smash, but you will still want to take it down as quickly as possible.

After winning the rematch, you will be rewarded with one Stone Sticker A.

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