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How to Beat Rain World – Tips And Tricks

How to Beat Rain World – Tips And Tricks

Rain World is an exciting platformer game where you will need to explore a huge world filled with different creatures. It seems that there are many players who can’t beat this project. So, today we are going to help these users. This guide will tell you some tips and tricks on how to beat Rain World.

How to Beat Rain World

Rain World is an amazing indie game and it has lots of cool features. However, it seems that new players don’t understand some of the game’s mechanics and today we are going to help them. Here are our tips on how to beat Rain World.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes and Die

Rain World is a hardcore platformer and there you can be killed by anything. So, you will die quite often and you should always analyze your mistakes and learn new information from them. If you do it you will be able to avoid such failures in the future.

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Collect Food and Hibernate

Hibernation is one of the most important mechanics in this project. You will need to eat various creatures and find a safe place if you want to hibernate. This allows you to save your progress and raise your Karma level.

Learn Your Enemies

There are a few different monsters that you will encounter in Rain World. These creatures are tough and you will need to learn how to defeat them. For example, lizards have armored heads and if you want to damage one of them you will need to throw a spear at its back. So, whenever you encounter a new enemy, you should study its weaknesses and learn how to exploit them.

You can read our Rain World Creatures Guide where we list which all the creatures in the game are, to help you get more familiar with all the enemies you might encounter!

Raise Your Karma Level

The Karma level that we mentioned earlier is very important. It allows you to unlock new locations and continue to progress. So, you will need to use any opportunity to raise your Karma level and get access to new areas.

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Don’t Forget About the Rain

The game is called Rain World and of course, the Rain is one of its most important features. Basically, the project is divided into cycles and each of them ends with the Rain. You will need to find enough food and hibernate before the Rain starts. If you fail then the Rain will kill you and you will lose your Karma.

There are many great indie games and we highly recommend you try Rain World. Also, you could check our list of the top 5 most anticipated indie games coming in 2023. Good luck with your further adventures in Rain World!

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How to Beat Rain World – Tips And Tricks


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