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Rain World Symbols Guide

Rain World Symbols Guide
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Rain World is a notoriously difficult game. It is set in a strange alien world where you play the role of a slugcat trying to reunite with its family while finding food and shelter, escaping torrential rains, and evading all kinds of predators.

One aspect of its uniqueness (and difficulty!) is the alien language, which uses various symbols/characters that guide you through the game—although “guide” is too generous a term. You are left to your own devices to figure out the meaning of the symbols. That is why we have created this Rain World symbols guide to, at least somewhat, ease your journey.

Rain World Symbols and Their Meaning

Many fans of the game have worked hard on deciphering numerous symbols that appear throughout the game. We bring you the interpretations of the most important and common glyphs in Rain World.

Primary Karma Symbols in Rain World

Karma symbols in Rain World
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We can be quite positive about the meaning of the five karma symbols as listed here:

  1. Violence/Fighting/Struggling
  2. Procreation/Lust/Want/Desire
  3. Friendship/Guidance/Companionship
  4. Gluttony/Food in general
  5. Survival/Perseverance

Achievement Symbols in Rain World

Achievement symbols in Rain World
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These symbols appear as achievement glyphs, but some of them also have useful meanings in the game itself:

  1. The Survivor—spend five cycles at the current maximum karma level
  2. The Monk—maintain a vegetarian diet for five cycles
  3. The Hunter—maintain a meat-only diet for five cycles (general symbol for aggression as well)
  4. The Saint—don’t harm any creatures during four cycles
  5. The Outlaw—kill as many creatures as possible
  6. The Chieftain—maximize reputation with Scavengers by giving them gifts or protecting them against attackers
  7. The Wanderer—hibernate at least one time in each region
  8. The Dragon Slayer—kill one of several different Lizard types
  9. The Friend—hybernate with a lizard for three consecutive cycles
  10. The Scholar—interact with three different Pearls
  11. The Martyr—hybernate without enough food on purpose
  12. The Nomad—visit four regions consecutively
  13. The Pilgrim—visit every Echo
  14. The Mother—hibernate with Slugpups

Other Symbols in Rain World

Other symbols in Rain World
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Here are other symbols that are linked to certain achievements:

  1. Ascension—achievement unlocked after completing the game
  2. Echo—find the corresponding Echo (there are six of them)
  3. Champion—complete each Arena challenge
  4. Expedition Leader—complete each Expedition quest

Some of these symbols occasionally appear in the environment, but it is not always clear what their meaning is. For example, the symbol linked with The Hunter achievement is commonly used by the overseer to signify a predator. On the other hand, the Lust or Desire symbol also appears often in the surroundings but without a clear explanation.

In addition to the listed symbols, Rain World is full of other markings and glyphs that can be seen in dialogue options or even as graffiti, but their meaning is unclear.

We hope this guide to the symbols of Rain World helps you have an easier journey in this game. If you need more assistance, don’t skip our guide to beating Rain World with the best tips and tricks.

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