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Rain World Creatures Guide
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Play as a slugcat, a hunter but also a prey in Rain World’s shattered environment. Take your spear and venture the industrial wastelands in search of enough food to live, but be aware of other, larger creatures that may have the same intention… On this page, you can find information about various creatures in Rain World and how to deal with them. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get right into it!


Lizards are violent reptile creatures found throughout the game in a variety of locales, ranging from underwater ambush predators to ruthless pursuit to timid blind trackers. Types are distinguished by color, and each requires different techniques to defeat, but each may also befriend given time and care.

Lizard Types

The following are all the lizard types in game in alphabetical order:

  • Black Lizard
  • Blue Lizard
  • Cyan Lizard
  • Green Lizard
  • Orange Lizard
  • Pink Lizard
  • Red Lizard
  • White Lizard

All lizards, regardless of species, have an armored skull that causes spears to bounce off. Most lizards will be flipped over and temporarily stunned by a rock. For maximum damage, a spear may be plunged into their mouth.

Whenever a lizard bites, it has a chance to instantaneously kill, otherwise the player is given a brief window of time in which they can throw anything at the lizard to get it off them.

Almost every lizard will flee when they encounter a vulture mask. Once they see through the disguise, the same mask won’t work on them again.

Green Lizard

  • Green Lizards are the most common type of lizard. They use a charge attack in which the lizard pauses where it is, briefly recoils, and then quickly rushes towards the player in an attempt to snare them in its jaws.
  • Just leaping or climbing higher ground would be a simple method to dodge this since, unless you remain right in front of them while they are doing this attack, it cannot injure you.
  • It takes 5-7 spear strikes to kill one.

Pink Lizard

  • About as numerous as green lizards are pink ones. They first appear in the game’s early levels. Its primary distinctions are that they are more aggressive and can climb poles.
  • This lizard can be killed with four spears, but just three will disable it. Jump off and smack them as you descend if they are climbing after you. It’s also pretty simple to hit them in the mouth.

Blue Lizard

  • Blue lizards may be found in most areas, albeit not being as prevalent as the green and pink ones.
    These specific lizards are undersized and in poor condition. On the other side, they are swift and aggressive, and they attack players and steal their belongings by sticking their tongues out at them. Moreover, they have the capacity to climb walls, ceilings, and even background elements.
  • The rock-spear method is the simplest approach to take down a blue lizard. Use your spear to administer the killing blow after flipping them over with a rock.

White Lizard

  • In some ways, white lizards are an improvement to blue ones. They are bigger, quicker, and have greater health, in addition to having every blue lizard ability. Moreover, they will strongly match the color of the environment they are standing in, making it very difficult to identify them. As they become aggressive, they release a cloud of saliva that indicates where they are and use their sticky tongues to attack their victim. Even though they are uncommon, there are certain places where you will see a lot of them.
  • Map choke areas should be avoided since white lizards like to hang around there. As long as you make an effort to maintain an equal level with them, dealing with them is not difficult. A pair of three spears will do.

Orange Lizard

  • Given that they only exist in three places, orange lizards are not at all common. Their two antennas, together with the fact that they hunt in groups, are their defining features. The gang is led by the orange lizard with the longest antenna.
  • Their unique communication skills allow them to pinpoint your position and block your escape options, making them particularly dangerous. You’ll have an extremely difficult time dealing with them if you attempt to attack them in certain locations.
  • But if you battle them in the open, you will have a lot easier time because you can outmaneuver them. It is quite simple to strike them with spear shots in the mouth area since they often expose it. To finish them, though, requires two to three spears.

Black Lizard

  • The most uncommon lizards in the game are black ones, which can only be found in two places. They differ from other lizards in that they are blind and hunt their prey by using their hearing sense. They are often difficult to spot as they are located in extremely dark places. Their head and whiskers should be observed closely since they sometimes change color.
  • By tossing a rock in any direction, you may easily attract them. Two spears are required to wound them, and three to kill them. As they often have their mouths open, hitting them in that area is also not as difficult.

Cyan Lizard (Hunter Mode)

  • Because to its high mobility, this breed of lizard may be quite challenging to deal with (kill or escape from). They are an average size, can climb walls, and have a sticky tongue ability. They can move very quickly and in any direction by using their tail, which gives them a distinctive advantage.
  • A cyan lizard may start flying after being struck by a spear and subsequently eject the spear in an arbitrary direction. Attempt to avoid their first strike, then stun them with a rock and do damage with a spear. Two spears are required to wound them, and three to kill them.

Red Lizard (Hunter Mode)

  • Just two places are home to the very uncommon red lizard kind. It is simply advised to stay away from these creatures unless you are a highly skilled player since it is quite difficult to survive the encounter (they can even take down vultures). Consider this type as the king of lizards.
  • They are exceedingly courageous, aggressive, and mobile. They are quite healthy and move in an erratic manner. They can’t climb, yet they can still get quite high. And on top of that, they may spit a projectile that will delay and displace its target. A red lizard, unlike others, won’t attempt to flee if its health is low. It will instead go berserk. The vulture masks have no effect on them either. You will die from this lizard’s single bite.
  • A red lizard can be killed with around ten spear shots.


Vultures are predators of the skies capable of diving into any room with an open ceiling. All of them wear masks, which may be removed with a spear right above the mask. Once a vulture’s mask is taken, it will become very aggressive and start chasing the player. This mask is useful for scaring Lizards and is valuable to Scavengers. A vulture that lost its mask will be targeted and killed by other vultures.

They are very aggressive and swift, following their prey until they are unable to continue after them and often using their body to physically stop the prey from fleeing.

The shadow they throw as they drop over the background to go along a specific sound makes them easy to identify. 

There are two types of Vultures in Rain World. Normal ones and King Vulture.


  • Fighting a Vulture isn’t that hard. If they still have their mask on after two spear hits, they will retreat by flying away.
  • Vultures take reduce damage by hits to their wings. The best strategy is to lure the vulture to an area where it can’t get out of and start hitting it with spears. This will will stun-lock it and it won’t be able to escape.
  • It’s better if you remove a Vulture’s mask after you killed it. The reason is that once you remove their masks, vultures go berserk and can kill you with a single bite.

King Vulture (Hunter Mode)

  • King Vulture is as you can imagine, an upgraded version of the common vulture. They are faster, stronger, bigger and have more health. Also, they carry two harpoons which can insta-kill the player.
  • King Vulture will launch its harpoons from the sky. If the harpoons miss, then they will descend and start attacking like a common vulture. After a while, they will pick up the harpoons and attack again.
  • Avoid getting hit by a harpoon at all costs. A harpoon hit is instant death.
  • Once they drop their harpoons, deploy the exact same strategy as if you are fighting a common vulture (see above).

Brother Long Legs

  • These creatures are usually found in the lowest levels of Garbage Wastes in the early stages of the game. They have several tentacles and huge amounts of health, but they are also blind and deaf.
  • The best way to deal with these creatures is to simply avoid fighting them.
  • If for whatever reason you have to engage in combat with a Brother Long Legs you better have an explosive spear with you. If you manage to avoid the tentacles and hit the main core, an explosive spear can instantly kill BLL.

Daddy Long Legs

  • Daddy Long Legs are massive black lumps with many blue-tipped tentacles coming from the core. They may be encountered in Spearmaster’s Trash Wastes and Rivulet’s The Rot campaigns.
  • An “Explosive Spear” is the only technique to kill a Daddy Long Legs. If you don’t have one, prepare for a lengthy struggle since this creature has an enormous amount of HP. Spear shots may be used to disable its tentacles.

Mother Long Legs (Downpour)

  • Mother Long Legs are massive black lumps with many violet-tipped tentacles emerging from the core.  Mother Long Legs, like the other Long Leg adversaries, are blind but have a keen sense of hearing.
  • The simplest approach to avoid it is to use “Rubbish” as a distraction. Since Mother Long Legs is considerably larger and slower than Daddy Long Legs, fleeing from one is much simpler.
  • A “Singularity Bomb” is the only way to kill a Mother Long Legs. If you don’t have one, you should forget on killing this creature since other weapons do practically minimal damage to it.

Water Creatures

The following are creatures that can be found in bodies of water.


  • Salamanders are very close to lizards but slightly different. They have similar stats and they also share the sticky tongue ability. They can dive underwater and hold their breath. Usually, they can be found in corners underwater.
  • Fighting them in their element (water) is not advised. Lure then on land and simply use 2-3 spears to kill them.


  • Leviathans are aggressive water creatures found in large bodies of water in certain regions (Shoreline, Subterranean and Submerged Superstructure). They are the largest predators in the game and they are unkillable.
  • Simply try to avoid large pools in these specific regions. If you need to pass one, get a hold of a Jetfish.


  • There are two kinds of leeches which reside in bodies of water: red and blue. They track down prey and cling to it. They will then weigh down their victim and drag it down to the reservoir’s bottom. Blue leeches weigh more than red leeches.
  • Try to avoid them if possible, by moving fast when you are crossing water. If you need to escape, try throwing your weapons and kill as many as you can.

That concludes our Rain World Creatures Guide post. Hopefully this article can help you navigate the harsh environment of Rain World and keep your slugcat alive. If you are enjoying this game, you might want to check out some other relative posts such as:

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