How to Beat Heatran in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


It’s never easy catching legendary Pokémons in Legends Arceus. It’s one of the game’s most engaging activities to do. And whether it’s a magical fairy or time deity, legendary Pokémons are always worth having on your side.

So we’ve put together this brief guide to help you catch Heatran in Pokémon Legends Arceus.


Heatran was created when Regigigas created the continennents. It enjoys being around volcanoes and is also known as The Lord of Stark Mountain. Before beating Heatran, you must first find it.

So to find Heatran, you’ll have to speak to Volo who can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Once you’ve done that, a new mission titled The Plate of Firespit Island will commence. Head to the Firespit Island and enter the Alter of the Cauldron.

Then you’ll have to journey to Heatran behind a wall of fire. All you need do is throw some balls of mud at the fire to quench it and initiate the encounter. Then throw a Pokémon at Heatran to start the battle.

Keep in mind that Heatran is a fire and teal type Pokémon, so plan typing around that to make beating it easier. You can also just weaken it and attempt to catch it.

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How to Beat Heatran in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


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