Home Game Guides How to Beat Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans | Challenge Guide

How to Beat Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans | Challenge Guide

How to Beat Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans | Challenge Guide

Clash of Clans has introduced a brand-new skin for Barbarian King, the Beast King, which is available as the final reward of the February 2023 Gold Pass. To commemorate the new skin, a new battle event called the Beast King Challenge is available in the game, including rewards like a builder potion and 400 XP.

Here is a step-by-step guide to beating the Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans.

How to 3-star the Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans

1. Use skeleton spells to destroy Clan Castle, X-Bow, Inferno Tower, and Builder Hut

Beast King Challenge 1

Drop three Skeleton Spells between Clan Castle and X-Bow, two on the bottom level 1 Inferno Tower, and one on the Builder Hut below the Inferno Tower. Let the skeletons destroy these buildings.

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2. Destroy the Town Hall

Beast King Challenge 2

There are two empty tiles at the center of the base. Drop one Sneaky Goblin on each tile to activate the traps near the Town Hall. After triggering the traps, deploy the rest of the Sneaky Goblins to the Town Hall and use an Invisibility Spell to ensure they destroy it.

3. Drop Archer Queen and Grand Warden

Beast King Challenge 3

Set your Grand Warden to air. Then, drop him along with the Archer Queen near the empty spot beside the previously destroyed Inferno Tower. These two will start moving along the right side of the base.

4. Time for Barbarian King and Royal Champion to join the battle

Beast King Challenge 4

First, you have to deploy the Siege Machine on the level 2 Inferno on the right side of the base. Also, drop the single Super Wall Breaker on the right side. Now, deploy the Barbarian King and Electro Titan. Drop two Skeleton Spells between the Monoliths to distract them.

Beast King Challenge 5

Deploy your Royal Champion and activate the Barbarian King’s ability when he enters the Monolith section. Use the Warden’s ability to push through this section.

5. Clearing the Barbarian King section

Beast King Challenge 6

Now, your heroes will move towards the Builder Hut and multi-target the Inferno Tower section of the base. Deploy a Headhunter on the far right side of the base. It will eventually catch up with the army. Meanwhile, drop a Skeleton on defending Barbarian Kings.

6. Clearing single-target Inferno Towers

Beast King Challenge 7

Eventually, all defending heroes will die. Use your remaining Skeleton Spells between single-target Inferno Towers and activate the Royal Champion’s ability to wreck all Inferno Towers. If needed, use your Invisibility Spells to defend your heroes.

You can also watch the above video tutorial by Judo Sloth to help you get three stars on the Beast King Challenge. If well-executed, this challenge can be cleared easily. Otherwise, you can always retry this challenge to get 100% clear.

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How to Beat Beast King Challenge in Clash of Clans | Challenge Guide


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