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How to Beat Astranyx the Dark Fae – Raid: Shadow Legends Boss Guide

How to Beat Astranyx the Dark Fae – Raid: Shadow Legends Boss Guide
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Encountered in Doom Tower Rotation 3, Astranyx the Dark Fae is a bone in the throat of many a player of Raid: Shadow Legends. She is a formidable boss with a unique ability to create mirror copies of your champions by removing the originals from the game. And the especially tricky part is that you can’t get them back until you slay their evil twins.

Still, no boss is undefeatable if you understand their fight mechanics well, have a strategically assembled team of heroes, and have the right stats. Therefore, without further ado, we give you a Raid: Shadow Legends boss guide on how to beat Astranyx the Dark Fae that covers all the bases.

Astranyx the Dark Fae—Understanding Her Abilities

Astranyx has four active and four passive abilities that you should be aware of when fighting her. Her active abilities are as follows:

  • Darklight Beams: places a Leech debuff on all enemies for two turns
  • Dark Tendrils: takes away a random buff from every enemy and steals Turn Meter from each foe based on the number of Force Champions on the team; gives a 25% chance of True Fear debuff on each enemy (which increases depending on the number of Void Champions) and heals the boss by 10% of her maximum HP depending on the number of Spirit Champions on your team
  • Faerie Storm: teams up living allies in one attack, with damage increasing by 25% for each ally
  • Dark Abduction: takes away one of your Champions and replaces them with a mirror copy that fights for Astranyx; adds Fear debuff to all enemies for one turn; bumps up the boss’s Dark Energy counter by one

Her passive skills include Almighty Immunity (makes her immune to different types of debuffs), Almighty Strength (minimizes damage from enemy max HP-based skills), and Almighty Persistence (decreases effects of Turn Meter reduction by 50%). Still, the biggest issue for players is her passive skill called Fae Mirror which summons copies of all enemies to aid Astranyx at the beginning of the battle and every time her Dark Energy reaches 5.

How to Beat Astranyx the Dark Fae—Stats to Aim For

Before you engage Astranyx, make sure you’re ready and level up accordingly. These are the stats that you should consider reaching on Normal and Hard modes.

Normal difficulty:

  • HP – 30,000+
  • Defense – 2,800+
  • Speed – 190+
  • Accuracy – 125+
  • Resistance – 225+

Hard difficulty:

  • HP – 50,000+
  • Defense – 3,500+
  • Speed – 250+
  • Accuracy – 355+
  • Resistance – 375+

How to Beat Astranyx the Dark Fae—The Best Strategy

As you probably know by now, the biggest obstacle when fighting Astranyx is the copies of your Champions that she summons right away. This means that if you have a strong team, you will make this more difficult on yourself as you need to defeat evil replicas first.

Therefore, the key is to set up a team that is not too strong and to include a fighter that will be able to defeat mirror copies, preferably in one turn. You can accomplish that by using an AoE Damage Nuker or an Extra Turn Single-Target Nuker (for example, Hordin, Relickeeper, or Hurndig).

When your champion deals with the copies, you will need to rely on the characters that have the Decrease Turn Meter skill, like Armiger, Lyssandra, or Alure, and the Decrease Speed skill, like Shatterbones or Sylar.

If you can’t get heroes with these crucial skills, then make sure to hit her hard with damage dealers, but take her debuffs into consideration. Counter her Fear debuff with Doompriest or Inquisitor Shamael and prevent her from healing in case you’re using Spirit Champions by using heal reduction debuffs of your own.

With a little bit of luck and the right team combination, you should win this fight and collect those Fae Spheres. Let us know how it goes and don’t forget to check out our other Raid: Shadow Legends guides in the dedicated section on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Beat Astranyx the Dark Fae – Raid: Shadow Legends Boss Guide


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