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Who is Lyssandra in Raid: Shadow Legends

Who is Lyssandra in Raid: Shadow Legends
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RAID: Shadow Legends currently has more than 300 champions that are split between 13 factions.

Each faction has its own story, and each champion, their own utility. Through their skills, they apply effects, and those effects happen to be game changers depending on the situation you use them in.

One of the best champions in the game at the moment is Lyssandra. If you have heard of this name but are not familiar with this champion, then continue reading this article!

Who is Lyssandra in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Lyssandra is a Spirit affinity Legendary from the High Elves faction under the Telerians army. Being a Spirit affinity Legendary in addition to being a Support type warrior, Lyssandra proves to be very effective against enemies with affinity. She is known for being especially useful during the mid-late game.

Additionally, Lyssandra is touted as an incredible leader as she brings an Aura of effect that increases ally SPD in all battles by 24% to her team when sent into the battlefield. She is often called the Queen of Speed.

Lyssandra is the single best champion in the game at manipulating turn meter, which, in turn, allows your champion to deal more damage. Along with this, she also reduces the enemies’ turn meter.

While being useful everywhere, Lyssandra thrives in Arena and Fire Knight, with her abilities and great base stats making her excel in speed sets with accuracy rolls, perception sets, as well as accuracy sets with speed rolls. You should prioritize speed, accuracy, HP%, and Def%.

She can hit fairly hard on her A1 so an end game player may also prioritize some crit. Lyssandra’s A1 is also capable of passing the Hex debuff back onto the Magma Dragon in Doom Tower, which could set up some interesting plays!

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Who is Lyssandra in Raid: Shadow Legends


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