Alure Guide for Raid: Shadow Legends


RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing Gacha game. The story of the game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Teleria, where the Dark Lord Siroth resides after conquering it. The player takes on the role of a resurrected Ancient Champion whose objective is to restore peace and harmony in Teleria by raising an army and defeating Siroth.

The game heavily relies on its Champions, of which there are a whopping 400+! Today we will be talking about one of them: Alure.


Alure is a Demonspawn Epic Champion. She has one of the, if not the best, turn meter manipulation A1 in the game.

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Her skills are as follows:

  • Psychic Whip: Attacks 3 times at random. Decreases the target’s Turn Meter by 25% on each critical hit.
  • Temptation: Attacks all enemies 2 times. Each hit has a 30% chance of placing a 30% Decrease DEF debuff for 1 turn. Places a Sleep places for 1 turn on targets under Decrease DEF debuffs.
  • Hellish Blaze: Attacks 1 enemy. Has an extra 30% chance of inflicting a critical hit. Will ignore 50% of the target’s DEF.
  • Demon Aura (Passive): Increases Ally ACC in Faction Crypts by 50.

This ability is by far the best in her kit, which means she is both fantastic and that books do not really improve her skills.

If players can get Alure to the Fire Knight boss, she can keep the Fire Knight shield off once it has been removed for the first time by herself.

Outside of Fire Knight, Alure also has real strength in Faction Wars, especially for all of the boss encounters, and is also showing great performance in Doom Tower in bosses like Borgoth the Scarab King and Agreth the Nether Spider, although players need to be careful of the damage she also does to herself.

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Alure Guide for Raid: Shadow Legends


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