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How to Beat All Bosses in Bramble: The Mountain King

How to Beat All Bosses in Bramble: The Mountain King
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Bramble: The Mountain King” begins with a peaceful and adventurous start as we follow Olle and his sister, Lillemor, as they explore the forests. However, their idyllic adventure takes a dark turn as Lillemor is kidnapped by a giant and terrifying monster, leaving Olle alone and desperate to save his sister. With no other option, Olle sets out on a perilous journey through a dangerous and mystical world, where he encounters various twisted and mythical creatures, each more dangerous than the last. “Bramble: The Mountain King” has lots of boss fights, and trying to defeat them is in no way easy for little Olle. This guide shares tips to help you beat all bosses in “Bramble: The Mountain King.”

All Bosses in Bramble: The Mountain King

“Bramble: The Mountain King” features seven different bosses: Butcher, Troll, Naecken, Scarecrow, Skogsra, Pesta, and King Nils. As a kid, you can only do so much against these gigantic Nordic creatures. Most of your fight against these creatures involves dodging their attacks and waiting for the right moment to hit them back.

#1 – Butcher

Butcher is the first boss enemy in “Bramble: The Mountain King.” He swings around a large cleaver to attack Olle. All you have to do is dodge its attacks until its weapon gets stuck. When its weapon gets stuck, you will be able to use gooey items dropped from the ceiling to attack Butcher’s eyes. After damaging both of its eyes, you will be able to escape the Butcher.

#2 – Troll

Troll is the monster who kidnaps Olle’s sister. Our little protagonist couldn’t do anything to protect his elder sister. His only priority is to survive and not get caught. All you have to do is hide from the monster as it tries to search for you.

#3 – Naecken

Image via Dimfrost Studio

Upon entering a Naecken’s Pond, you can spot a grey pale monster named Naecken sitting in a far distance. As you explore this area, you will have to jump across a bunch of lily pads, and this is where the Monster will come close and start chasing you. Running away and hiding in safety when the monster comes too close is your only option to escape its grasp.

#4 – Scarecrow

After falling down the waterfall, you will soon find a scarecrow on a raft. This isn’t a typical scarecrow and is, in fact, another evil monster. Use the Spark of Courage to attack its wrists and drop it into the water. After that, use the Spark of Courage to light up the area and wait for the scarecrow to attack you. As soon as the scarecrow pops out of the water, use the Spark of Courage to force it back.

#5 – Skogsra

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Skogsra stands surrounded by trees which gives you multiple hiding spots. However, Skogsra has attacks to force you out of your hiding corners. You can dodge them by sprinting left or right and jumping. You can stun Skogsra by damaging five statues hidden behind trees. Then, she will go into her second phase.

In her second phase, Skogsra is one of the toughest bosses in the game. You will have to avoid her attacks until the right moment to attack her and make her vulnerable. Then, use the Spark of Courage (now a sword) to attack her back. Skogsra will now go into the final phase where you have to hit the floating bodies surrounding her to weaken her. Then, just finish her for once and all.

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#6 – Pesta

Pesta’s sudden appearance with her old hag-like face is enough to give anyone goosebumps. To dodge her attacks, simply move left and right and use the Spark of Courage to strike her eyes after each round of attacks.

Pesta has multiple attacks that you’ll need to avoid, including a rake that pulls towards you, an army of rats that scurries towards you, and sneezing out numerous heads that attack you. To interrupt her sneezing attack, you’ll need to aim for the head going into her nostrils. After each round of attacks, Pesta’s eyes will become available for you to strike with the Spark of Courage.

#7 – The Mountain King

The final boss in Bramble: The Mountain King is Nils, and he’ll be adorned with bramble flowers on his shoulders. To defeat him, shoot these flowers with the Spark of Courage while avoiding his knife and fork stabs.

During the next phase of the battle, Nils will bring out his sword to perform a sweeping attack and a scepter to slam down. You will have to keep a close eye on his movements and dodge these attacks while continuing to shoot the bramble flowers.

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How to Beat All Bosses in Bramble: The Mountain King