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All Monsters in Bramble: The Mountain King

All Monsters in Bramble: The Mountain King
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Venture into the dark and twisted world of Bramble: The Mountain King, and see what deadly encounters await you. The stunning and dangerous landscapes are full of creatures beyond your wildest nightmares, but you must push through to rescue your sister! As you journey on, you come upon some hideous creatures to fight off and outwit, and in this guide you can find out exactly who, or what, to expect. Read on below to learn all about the monsters in Bramble: The Mountain King.

Every monster in Bramble: The Mountain King

There are amazing creatures to encounter in Bramble: The Mountain King, some friendly and some deadly. Let’s explore each one, including all the bosses you have to fight off and escape from, starting from the very beginning. We have described them as Friendly, Unfriendly, and Deadly. The main difference between deadly and unfriendly is that unfriendly creatures do not necessarily pose an imminent threat, but it is best not to trust them. Warning: spoilers ahead!

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  • Gnomes (Friendly): The first creatures Olle encounters are Gnomes living in a Gnome Forest. These little red-hatted guys can be helpful and fun to be around! You have to rescue them from sticky situations, but it does seem like they have a death-wish at times;
  • Frog Prince (Friendly): The slimy Frog Prince lives in the pond in the Gnome Forest;
  • Fairies (Friendly): The shining Fairy creatures can show you the way through the dark at times;
  • Troll (Deadly): A Troll Giant kidnaps your sister, and it is your job to track her down! Be stealthy to avoid trolls and their traps in the Troll Forest;
  • Butcher Troll (Boss/Deadly): The first boss monster you encounter is in his blood-soaked den, chopping up animals. You must walk through the flesh and viscera until you get to the Butcher’s chopping board. The trick to this fight is to avoid his axe and jump to avoid being stunned. Flesh falls onto the board for you to pick it up and throw it into the troll’s eyes! Eventually, he hits the cage and gives you a chance to escape. He does catch you again, but it is easy to escape the second time by crashing the cage to the floor;
  • Pinecones (Unfriendly): These are actually only unfriendly because you accidentally squish one during a fall;
  • Lemus the Stone Giant (Friendly): Lemus just wants a friend, so he won’t hurt you. In fact, he helps out whenever he can;
  • Hedgehogs (Friendly): Some of the most adorable additions are the hedgehogs used by Gnomes as transport;
Image via Dimfrost Studio
  • Naeken (Boss/Deadly): The Naeken entices you into the water with his song in the hopes to devour you. Hop from lily pad to lily pad to escape this deadly foe! Do not stop, or the Naeken will get you. Sneak behind rocks between shockwaves of his deadly spell to get away. It is all about timing. Just as you think you have escaped you fall down a rushing river, just steer yourself away from the rocks and you will be fine. The Naeken, however, meets a sticky end;
  • Tuva (Friendly): Tuva gives your courage light a boost to help you in the darkness and banish brambles, and send you on your way fully healed and well-rested;
  • Brambles (Deadly): Avoid the Bramble light by hiding and sneaking, and use your new gift to banish brambles where you can to bring down more objects to hide behind;
  • Scarecrow (Unfriendly): It seems the only reason this Scarecrow, or whatever creature is inside the scarecrow, did not devour Olle is because it is tied to the wooden poles. When you encounter it later, use your light to banish it, but watch out for the floating baby cots;
  • Swamp Creatures (Unfriendly): The creatures living in the swamp are waiting for you to fall into the water… Keep them at bay with your light;
  • The Swamp Witch (Deadly): Make your way out of the house by finding all the books and using them as a platform to get up and out of the window. Can Olle stop her from completing the ritual? Journey onward through the swamp and brambles to find the witch and the baby;
  • Lyktgubbe (Friendly): An ancient man full of stories and secrets. He points you in the right direction to find your sister;
  • Skogsra (Boss/Deadly): Hide behind trees for protection as this shapeshifter floods the grove with her powers. Shoot your light at the dark figures as you make your way around the grove and through the trees. Shoot at Skogsra to make her fall to the ground. Continue the same process of shooting the figures who are now higher in the trees. Hit her once more until she falls, and you can run to her and strike at her heart. Once again, hit the figures while avoiding her magic until she is downed, and you can strike her through the heart;
Image via Dimfrost Studio
  • Plague Zombie Cannibals (Deadly): Going through the plague village is a horrific journey, and here you meet (and avoid!) some victims of the plague who have become monsters themselves. Avoid them by sneaking around through grass and tiptoeing around the village with your light in your pocket;
  • Nightmare/The Darkness (Deadly): This creepy creature appears with a rake, and you must blind it with your light while avoiding the weapon. If you stop, either she consumes you, or you get hit by her rake. She can appear under you with her mouth open, so be ready to jump out of the way;
  • Mountain King (Boss/Deadly): The final boss to beat, this battle is all about timing. Dodge the fork stabs and knife slashes while shooting at the bramble flowers around the Mountain King. The trick to surviving is to be patient, predict his movements, and be ready to dodge any incoming attacks. The next stage is a scepter and a sword. Dodge the scepter and rocks falling, and jump over the sword swipes, all while shooting your light at the bramble flowers.

Once you have defeated the Mountain King, Olle’s story is over, and the darkness has been banished. The last thing to do in Bramble: The Mountain King is escape the crumbling castle for good, and leave the world of monsters behind.

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All Monsters in Bramble: The Mountain King