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All Characters in Bramble: The Mountain King

All Characters in Bramble: The Mountain King
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The thorny world of Bramble: The Mountain King, is full of intriguing characters and creepy monsters. The story of Olle and his sister takes players through beautiful and deadly landscapes full of both cute and nightmarish creatures. As you journey on, you learn about all sorts of monsters and meet amazing characters, and in this guide you can find out exactly who you will see. Read on below to learn all about the characters in Bramble: The Mountain King.

Every character in Bramble: The Mountain King

There are only a few characters to get to know in Bramble: The Mountain King, from cute gnomes to huge terrifying creatures taken straight out of Nordic fairytales. Let’s explore everyone we meet below!

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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  • Olle: The sweet protagonist of the story and a brave little boy who is trying to find his sister. He must brave the scary world outside and the strange creatures he encounters along the way.
  • Lillemore: Olle’s mischievous older sister who has a sense for adventure so strong that it can get her into trouble. She wanders off one night and leads her little brother unwittingly into the dark and mysterious forests inhabited by monsters and fairy folk.
  • Gnomes : The first creatures Olle encounters are Gnomes living in a Gnome Forest. These friendly little guys can be helpful and fun to be around but they do seem to get themselves into trouble;
  • Trolls: A Troll Giant kidnaps Olle’s sister, and it is your job to track her down;
  • Butcher Troll (Boss/Deadly): The first boss monster you encounter is in his blood-soaked den, chopping up animals. Olle must get through the viscera and stench and past this massive monster troll.
  • Lemus the Stone Giant (Friendly): Lemus just wants a friend, so he won’t hurt you. He never says a word but he plays a huge part in Olle and Lillemore’s survival;
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  • Naeken (Boss/Deadly): The Naeken entices you into the water with his song in the hopes to devour you. Taken straight from a Nordic folk tale, the Naeken is an unrelenting and evil water spirit.
  • Tuva (Friendly): Tuva gives your courage light a boost to help you in the darkness and banish brambles, and send you on your way fully healed and well-rested;
  • The Swamp Witch (Deadly): Make your way out of the house by finding all the books and using them as a platform to get up and out of the window. Can Olle stop her from completing the ritual? Journey onward through the swamp and brambles to find the witch and the baby;
  • Lyktgubbe (Friendly): An ancient man full of stories and secrets. Find him in the library surrounded by books. He points you in the right direction to find your sister;
  • Skogsra (Boss/Deadly): A forest spirit who wants nothing more than to lure men into the darkness and consume their hearts. Her seduction is as powerful as her evil nature!
Image via Dimfrost Studio
  • Nightmare/The Darkness (Deadly): This creepy creature appears with a rake, and you must blind it with your light while avoiding the weapon. If you stop, either she consumes you, or you get hit by her rake.
  • Mountain King (Boss/Deadly): A man ravaged by grief, and the final boss to beat. The trick to surviving is patience and to predict his movements, and be ready to dodge any incoming attacks.

Those are the bigger characters in Bramble: the Mountain King. There are smaller, and occasionally cuter, creatures to meet but they don’t play a large enough part to be included here but you can read about them in our monster guide.

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All Characters in Bramble: The Mountain King