How much Damage does the Warden do in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Warden Minecraft

So far, boss monsters used to be the most feared mobs in Minecraft. But the introduction of the Warden will add something much more frightening and powerful than the Wither and the Ender Dragon. The Warden is a new hostile mob coming to Minecraft with The Wild Update.

The Warden is the most dangerous and lethal mob in Minecraft. When the Warden was first revealed at Minecraft Live 2020, it was shown killing a player covered in Netherite armor with just a couple of hits.

In this article, we look at the Warden’s attacking strength in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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Warden’s Attack Strength in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Warden's Sonic Boom Attack

The Warden has two types of attacks: melee and ranged, and both attacks are equally deadly and powerful enough to kill any mob or player. When an enemy becomes unreachable, the Warden uses Sonic Boom, a ranged attack, to hit them.

Like other mobs, the Warden’s attack strength depends on the difficulty level. Here is how much damage the Warden can do in one attack based on difficulty:

Melee attack

Difficulty Damage
Easy8 hearts
Normal15 hearts
Hard22.5 hearts

Ranged attack

Difficulty Damage
Easy3 hearts
Normal5 hearts
Hard7.5 hearts

Melee damage from the Warden is the same in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. On the other hand, the ranged attack hits harder in Bedrock Edition than in Java Edition, and the Warden’s ranged attack deals ten hearts no matter the difficulty.

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How much Damage does the Warden do in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


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