How Marvel’s Midnight Suns Friendship System Works

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Firaxis Games has collaborated with Marvel to bring us Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG available to play on Playstation 4/5, XBox One/Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Create a team of Marvel superheroes to stop the Mother of Demons from summoning Chthon, a terrible and evil being. Creating the perfect Marvel team needs good bonds between the heroes, and this requires friendships to be formed. Find out below how Marvel’s Midnight Suns friendship system works.

The Friendship System in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Developing friendships in Marvel’s Midnight Suns can prove to be very beneficial, and helps players unlock new abilities and gain rewards. There are 5 levels of friendship you can get to using a few different methods. Each method can help players increase the friendship level with various XP boosts.

Players can level up each friendship as they earn XP, and gain new outfits with their own and increase overall team friendship levels. The benefits are as follows:

  • Increased abilities, both passive and combo
  • Hero ability cards
  • Character Stats improvements
  • Improved Gift Shop
  • Increase in compliments

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Increase that friendship level (via Marvel’s Midnight Suns)

Friendship Level Increase Methods

Use the methods below to increase friendship levels. Each method gives different results and various amounts of XP boosts and rewards depending on what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

HangoutA hangout can happen after completing a mission together. This can involve any activity you choose, but the activity does depend on the hero you are hanging out with. The choice can strengthen or weaken your bond so choose wisely.
GiftsThe right gift can boost your bond, while a badly chosen gift can weaken the bond between you, rather like the choice of activity during a hangout.
HavensThere are double the amount of rewards when you spend time with a friend at a Haven. Spending time with a hero at a Haven is a special sort of hangout. Havens are limited- there are not many of them and you can only take a hero there once. This means it is important to use your time there wisely. Choose the perfect Gift and an activity they would love to reap the rewards.
ConversationsHaving a good chat with a friend is important. Engage in conversations with your heroes and remember to compliment them to increase your friendship strength. The choices you make on topic and compliments determine how much XP and rewards you get. If they ask for help, make sure you oblige to really strengthen your bond. Use Superlink to engage with heroes via the social network.
SparringSparring does not give you lots of XP but generally it is just a bit of fun, not a lot of help in increasing a bond.

That is all you need to know about friendships in Marvel’s Midnight Suns! Remember- keep interacting and spending time with your heroes to increase that bond and gain rewards. Next up, why not check out how to unlock all skins in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Good luck!

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How Marvel’s Midnight Suns Friendship System Works


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