How To Unlock All Skins in Midnight Suns

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There are lots of marvel superhero games out there and one of the most impressive things about Midnight Suns is that its style of combat is radically and refreshingly different compared to other strategy games.

Players will have to think a lot to make the best possible strategic choice to win a fight. And the game’s unpredictability will stop players from repeating the same routine after every battle. There are lots of skins in the game and in this guide, we’ll be looking at how to unlock all skins in Midnight Suns.

How To Unlock All Skins in Midnight Suns

Unlike other strategic superhero games that don’t exactly make it simple to unlock skins, unlocking them in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is pretty simple. However, players might need to spend a bit of time and money before they can unlock all the skins in the game.

Players can also use The Hunter, who is the protagonist in Midnight Suns, and can unlock all of Hunter’s skins by playing the game and progressing through the main missions, and doing other tasks is one of the best and easiest ways to unlock all skins in the game.


Apart from that, the game will also add skins of other characters that can be purchased by using the game’s currency known as Eclipse Credits which can be obtained by spending real-world money. There are also skins that are available in the marketplace which players can unlock from the start of the game by buying the game’s Digital+ or Legendary Edition.

Buying the Digital+ will give players 11 extra skins while the more expensive Legendary Edition will give players 23 skins with other cool items. And while it may seem that the best skins are locked behind a paywall, that’s really not the case because if a player takes time to play through the game’s story and progresses well, they wouldn’t necessarily need those premium skins.

The game’s season pass also gave players a detailed description of some of the characters that’ll be making their way to the game including more skins. So if you want to unlock all the skins in Midnight Suns, you’ll probably need to spend a lot of real-life money to unlock all premium skins. However, to unlock the skins that aren’t locked behind a paywall, you’ll simply have to play through the game’s story and progress through quests.

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How To Unlock All Skins in Midnight Suns


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