The 25th iteration in the Need For Speed franchise, Unbound, is finally available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. The new anime-esque art style, adrenaline-pumping racing experience, and other factors have piqued the eyes of both new and old players. As a result, many players want to know how long is Need For Speed: Unbound.

How Long is Need For Speed: Unbound?

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On average, it takes 14 hours to complete the main story of Need For Speed: Unbound. But, similar to its predecessors, other content and multiplayer modes serve as additional content that players can enjoy. 

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Also, the total in-game hours it takes to beat Need For Speed: Unbound depends on your playstyle and approach to content. If you focus on the main story, you will complete the game between fourteen to fifteen hours.

But, engaging in other activities will increase the in-game hours. Also, when writing this guide, we have around 146 Cars available in Need For Speed: Unbound that you can unlock, customize, and use throughout your playthrough. 

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Talking about replayability, while there is not much end-game content available in Need For Speed: Unbound, there are certain activities, events, and other such things you can enjoy while waiting for a piece of official news on end-game content. 

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At current, you can take on the weekly qualifier races for The Grand. But other than that, you won’t find any races that auto-scale their difficulty based on your ride. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how long is Need For Speed: Unbound.

Need For Speed: Unbound is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms. 

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How Long is Need For Speed: Unbound? Answered


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