How To Drift in Need For Speed: Unbound

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Need for Speed: Unbound is the newest installment in the acclaimed racing franchise that’s given us some of the best racing games ever released. NFS Unbound has plenty of features that are new to the franchise and it’s going to have lots to live up to as NFS Heat remains arguably the franchise’s best game so far.

There’s a lot to do in NFS Unbound and like previous NFS titles, the franchise is known for it its fast cars, insane police chases, and tire-screeching drifts. And like many other racing games, drifting is simply an integral part of what makes it fun. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to drift in Need for Speed: Unbound.

How To Drift in Need For Speed: Unbound

Drifting is pretty simple in NFS Unbound as you only need to hold down LT (for Xbox) or L2 (for PlayStation) while driving your car to hit the brakes, then use the left stick of your controller to turn the vehicle left or right. And if you’re feeling confident to drive the car without using brakes, that works too by simply turning and moving the vehicle with the left controller stick.


However, it’s worth noting that drift is not only a solid move but also a lengthy one. And depending on how fast you’re driving and how often you hit the brakes, you shouldn’t have any problems. But if you’re driving super fast, the higher your vehicle’s momentum and the better your drift will feel.

Also, you shouldn’t hold down the LT/L2 button for too long because as the developers said before the game’s release, doing so will significantly decrease the vehicle’s momentum. So only hold the LT/L2 buttons for like half a second and then control the car with the left stick.

Some races in NFS Unbound will require players to drift and they’ll need to drift to refill the nitrous boost meter that will definitely come in handy against challenging opponents. And lastly, it simply wouldn’t be an NFS game without drifting, and just like in NFS Heat, drifting only gets better as you upgrade your cars or unlock better ones.

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How To Drift in Need For Speed: Unbound


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