Gettings Beetle Husks in Terraria

The Beetle Husk is one of the hard mode crafting materials in the Terraria, typically used to craft high-tiered armor and wings. While playing Terraria, players often craft beetle minecart, helmet, leggings, shell, and armor; that’s practically impossible without Beetle Husks.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll share the process to obtain an abundance of Beetle Husks in the game.

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How to get Beetle Husk in Terraria

The only way to get Beetle Husk in Terraria is by defeating the Golem. Each time you defeat this enemy, it will drop 4-8 beetle husks and 18 husks in expert mode. Undoubtedly, it’s challenging to acquire these items in abundance, and that’s why players will have to fight three to five Golems at a time to get at least a complete set.

For instance, a total of 26 beetle husks are needed to craft one of the beetle armor and wings, which can be easily be obtained by assassinating 2-3 Golems. At the same time, one can retrieve enough husks in expert mode to craft one armor set.

Additionally, players can also exchange the crafted items such as beetle wings for making more profit in Terraria. The whole wing can be sold for eight gold coins, which can be used to craft more materials.

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