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Terraria is loaded with a ton of hard mode enemies which attempt to inflict damage on players. Werewolf is one of the many enemies in the game that only spawns at night while the full moon shows up. Surprisingly, players can also turn themselves into a werewolf that provides a unique set of benefits.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be looking at the process of turning yourself into a werewolf.

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How to Become a Werewolf in Terraria

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Terraria Werewolf

The only way to become a werewolf in Terraria is by equipping the Moon Charm during nighttime, which turns the player into a werewolf and applies the werewolf buff. The Moon Charm is an accessory that is dropped by werewolves. However, being a rare item, it has a 1.67% drop chance from the enemy.

After turning into a werewolf, players can open doors and have a 12.5% chance to inflict the Bleeding debuff. It’s also worth noting that other werewolves can still confront players even while the Moon Charm is equipped during nighttime. Here are its stats:

  • 400 HP
  • 40 Defense
  • 70 Damage

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the players are also benefited from the Werewolf buff that provides the following bonuses:

  • +2% melee critical hit chance
  • +5.1% melee damage
  • +5.1% melee speed
  • +5% movement speed
  • +3 defense
  • Slightly increased jump height and jump speed
  • +5 HP regeneration/sec

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