Multiplayer games like Apex Legends are always plagued with issues where some players leave matches prematurely for one reason or another, causing the team to be uneven in terms of player count and overall firepower. 

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To fix such problems in Apex Legends Mobile, the devs have added an Auto Team Fill feature and we are here to talk about it. 

How Does Team Fill Work in Apex Legends Mobile?

The Team Fill feature in Apex Legends Mobile is exclusive to the Deathmatch game mode. In TDM, if a player leaves your team, another player in the matchmaking process will get added to your team, filling the missing spot. 

Here is what the devs had to say about the Auto Team Fill feature of Apex Legends Mobile: “Nobody likes a quitter. But now, that’s not such a big deal. Auto team fill is a new feature that will bring players into active games if another player leaves prematurely.”

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It may sound like a trivial feature to many, however, the quitters in multiplayer games can ruin the entire experience and make the game not worth playing. So, things like Auto Team Fill is a great addition—a much-needed one. 

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available on Android and iOS platforms in some regions. 

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How Does Team Fill Work in Apex Legends Mobile


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