Every videogame offers a fair share of game-related Jargon, and it is common for gamers to get confused about it. The widely popular Battle Royale game Apex Legends Mobile is no exception. 

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KP is a performance measure in Apex Legends Mobile that allows players to accumulate points during any Ranked Match to get a better overall RP.  

In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we will explain – what is KP?

What is KP in Apex Legends Mobile

KP stands for Kill Points in Apex Legends. It is a term that you will often come across at the end of any Ranked Match as it is a means to measure your performance. 

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Kill Points are not only restricted to kills. You get KP even when you assist your team in getting kills.

Based on your rank and kills in any match, the awarded KP varies. The maximum KP you can reach in any Ranked Match is 25—which you get on getting six kills, the cap for KP. 

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Apart from KP, we also have RP that varies depending on your Rank and KP in any Ranked Match. 

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available on Android and iOS platforms in some regions. 

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What is KP in Apex Legends Mobile


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