Overview of Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Mobile With Loot Spots and More


Kings Canyon has recently been added to Apex Legends Mobile, joining Worlds Edge as another playable map. Along with this new world to explore are amazing loot spots, new features to enjoy, Hot Zones, and vaults. Find out all about Kings Canyon below!

A Guide to Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Mobile

This new map is full of loot, and in Apex Legends Mobile all loot comes in 5 different varieties:

  • Common (Grey)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Yellow)
  • Heirloom (Red)

Locations in this map also come in different tiers: Basic, Mid-tier (coloured blue) and High-tier (coloured purple). The tier level of each location denotes what sort of loot players can expect to find there. Basic-tier locations hold common loot, mid-tier contains common to rare loot with a tiny chance of something rarer. High-tier places contain basically everything, with more of a chance of finding some legendary loot!

Mid-Tier Locations in Kings Canyon

mid_tier_locations apex legends mobile kings canyon
Mid-tier locations in Kings Canyon (via EA)
  • Slum Lakes
  • Cascade
  • Wetlands
  • Market
  • Hydro Dam

High-Tier Locations in Kings Canyon

high_tier_locations apex legends mobiel kings canyon
High-tier locations and Hot Zone in Kings Canyon (via EA)
  • Artillery
  • Relay
  • The Pit
  • Runoff
  • Bunker
  • Swamps
  • Airbase
  • Thunderdome
  • Water Treatment
  • Replusor

What is a Hot Zone?

In the image above that shows the high-tier locations, there is also a location highlighted with a blue aura. This is a Hot Zone. The Hot Zone can be any random spot in the game shown with this blue circle. Within this area is a high chance of really good loot, and a high probability of finding a highly sought after weapon.

Features Unique to Kings Landing

Explosive Hold in Apex Legends Mobile (via EA)

Explosive Holds – Can contain high-tier attachments along with weapons and ammo. They are so-called ‘explosive’ holds as they can only be accessed by planting a grenade at the door and blowing your way in. Throwing a grenade does not work- players must place the grenade and then interact with the door. 14 holds are spawned around the map.

supply_ship apex legends mobile
Supply Ship in apex Legends Mobile (via EA)

Supply Ship – Can contain mid to high-tier loot. The first ship spawns at the start of the game in a random spot, then another spawns halfway through the game in another random location.

loot tick apex legends mobile
Loot Tick in Apex Legends Mobile (via EA)

Loot Ticks – Can contain epic or legendary loot. These spawn in random locations and are more rare to find.

Those are the best and most useful areas to drop in for decent loot. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new map!

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Overview of Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Mobile With Loot Spots and More


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